It’s been a while since we took a close look at fashion-targeted websites. Although this sphere is not so large and diverse as those that are dedicated to portfolios or corporate websites, it is certainly worth your attention. Much like any other type of web project, it has its niche where it flourishes. Fashion-related web design has matured from heavy flash-powered projects into refined, light and fast HTML5-driven ones, leaving behind the vestiges of the past. It has undergone changes to meet current trends and requirements by using stylish solutions and cutting-edge techniques.

Official and one-time promo websites of fashion houses, international and local e-stores that specialize in clothes/accessories/cosmetics, online versions of leading magazines (how many can you name?) can be attributed to fashion-related projects. We have gathered 20 fresh examples from this category that have original structure, exciting visual storytelling experience or some creative tricks as well as those that try to embrace as many users as possible by incorporating responsive behavior and mobile-friendly features.

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