Waiting animations are ‘literally’ everywhere. Almost every second website created by an agency that is perfectly aware of modern trends and requirements as well as is worried about providing online visitors with an excellent user experience, is equipped with such a sort of dynamic element.

Although today we focus more on loading progress indicators that, as a rule, welcome online readers and strengthen the first impression, in fact, waiting animations occur in absolutely different parts of a project. It can be an animation that accompanies the transition between two inner pages, sections, or slides; it can be an animation that marks the submission of data or changing status; or just an animation that saves the day when the website crashes. It finds application in various fields and brings benefits in different situations. Whether you are going to populate every page of your site with it or just add a waiting animation to only one item, it will definitely help your users feel more comfortable and not irritated when they need to experience some pauses and delays caused by the system.

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