Want to create a website design that will be remembered by others for being unique and worthy of visiting it more than once? Then you should leave modern trends behind and make use of solutions that tend to be off the beaten track. One such original, memorable and captivating approach is the utilization of the basic principles of scrapbooking that, as you may know, reveals the better side of layering, of course if it’s applied correctly.

Realization of this artistic method can be very tricky especially when lots of multimedia content is involved that as practice shows, is a common thing nowadays; avoiding mess and an overwhelming appearance is a strict condition that needs to be satisfied in order to achieve the desired outcome. And this is just a small part that should be taken into account. If you seek some real examples of successful and proper fulfillment of digital scrapbooking then examine our collection of imaginative and exquisite website designs that were not afraid of bringing to life this offbeat solution.

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