With the current, huge trend of flat design, we don’t see so many 3D elements used in web design these days. Perhaps you can take the creativity out of design, but it is difficult to take the creativity out of the designer, and flat design doesn’t offer many opportunities for amazing creativity, so we are starting to see some mixing and matching of styles, where landing pages may have some amazingly creative effects and the rest of the site is in the flat design style.

It was not so long ago that 3D elements were trending, especially with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, and we brought you a round-up of Inspirational HTML5 Websites with 3D Flavor Added. That was in December of 2011, and some of those site still have the same design and still look great. So 3D elements are still effective in web design, and here we have selected a round-up of examples of 3D elements in use today.

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