Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

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Break away from standard structures, primitive well-balanced layouts, and boring information hierarchies, spice up your website design with an ambitious lopsided feeling, an arty-crafty geometric touch and marvelous ‘askew’ aesthetics.

The simplest way to do this is to get the most out of angled blocks. They naturally collaborate with polygonal illustrations, blend with the flat style environment and give a nice twist to UIs inspired by material design. In one word, the solution is on familiar terms with current tendencies. So that in the sea of trivial correctly lined up layouts, your web project will stand out and look up-to-date.

We have prepared 20 fresh examples of splendid website designs with angled blocks in order to showcase this solution.

Angled Blocks in Web Design

Sozo Design

Sozo Design naturally pushes the eye towards the content and portfolio pieces thanks to its complex background that has a charming lopsided feeling. An angled block skillfully brings out the content from the dynamic header. Straight blocks, sharp typography, a generous amount of whitespace and solid color canvases achieve outstanding results.

1-Sozo-Design Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


GemShares welcomes their online audience with a marvelous awry block that features an appealing photo. It serves as a focal point that draws the attention and gives the front page a cutting edge feel. The rest of the page is shaped by a conventional horizontal stripe layout.

2-GemShares Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Bind Film

Bind Film manages to balance lots of images with simplicity, making each item an eye-catcher. Rhombus-styled layout assists in this matter. It also wonderfully echoes with the vibrant polygonal logotype and enriches the dark appearance of the homepage.

3-Bind-Film Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Kenwood: The Cutting Edge

Each section is supplied with a lovely opening animation made through askew panels that recreate a marvelous transition between subpages. It pulls the design together, adds a nice twist to the project and produces a favorable impression. What’s more, each image has several semi-transparent overlay blocks as a decor that enriches the theme greatly.

4-The-Cutting-Edge Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Breaking the front page into 2 equal pieces is a trend in website design. However, unbalanced separation has some advantages. In this case it skillfully embraces all the necessary information, including brand identity and directs the attention to a form in a non-intrusive manner.

5-Ozujsko Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Frequence ably combines clean monochromatic canvases and image-based backgrounds. While the first helps to achieve a powerful open feeling that contributes to user experience, the second, with its geometric appeal strengthens the feel of high-tech that soars in the air.

6-Frequence Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

CTI Digital

CTI Digital has an elaborate appearance that impresses on visitors a powerful sense of sophistication. Nevertheless, despite a mighty geometric feeling, the page does not overpower users, on the contrary, it provides them with an excellent readability by elegantly overshadowing a photo background and giving the content center position.

7-CTI-Digital Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Mark Hobbs

Mark Hobbs succeeds in stamping his extrovert personality on his online portfolio. Funny header image background, huge letterings, bold phrases create the whole buzz. Angled blocks here intensify the theme, making their invaluable contribution.

8-Mark-Hobbs Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Lexus’s front page has a distinct sense of luxury and refinement. The Gorgeous dark color scheme, rich violet used as a secondary color, soft subtle typography and, of course, a series of spectacular professionally created pictures deliver a fantastic experience. Lopsided blocks used for the main navigation menu helps the website break away from the competition irrevocably.

9-Lexus Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Unlike the previous example, Wallmob’s website pursues a simplicity look. Solid color blocks, flat style, ghost buttons, sharp thin type and lots of whitespace do their job perfectly, giving the front page a straightforward appearance and strong businesslike appeal. Here, angled blocks lighten the modest atmosphere and slightly brighten up the general feeling.

10-Wallmob Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Troyer Race Cars

Troyer Race cars offer two choices that are smartly presented to the online audience. The homepage is neatly split into 2 parts that feature options. Thanks to the uneven lopsided solution, the page has received a beautiful dynamic appeal that conveys motion and brings energy.

11- Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Mixplus needs to balance lots of graphical stuff and animated elements in a pleasant way that won’t overpower online visitors. Here an awry panel naturally puts the navbar above the content, increasing its importance.

12-Mixplus Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Best Ski Trips

Best Ski Trips leans more towards the utilization of images that clearly demonstrate the spirit of the project and reflect the proper mood. A set of well-placed together triangles that serve as extra navigation through the website harmonize visuals and distinguish them from the composition.

13-Best-Ski-Trips Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Tix 02

The designer opts in favor of sharp and sleek rhombuses that allow showcasing portfolio pieces in a visually appealing manner. Being densely packed together, they not only occupy the center stage of the front page, but also perfectly blend with the overall environment highly populated with geometric shapes.

14-Tix-02 Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

McRae Agency

McRae Agency takes a more habitual route to its personal portfolio and tries to turn flat style to its advantage. He capably spruces up the traditional horizontal stripe layout through adding several angled blocks. As a result, the page has a well-tuned look with a lovely twist.

15-McRae-Agency Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Foolproof utilizes angled blocks to avoid visual clutter. Being skillfully scattered throughout the entire page, lopsided components maintain a harmony between foreground and background, providing the page with aesthetic formatting.

16-Foolproof Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Frontjet gives a basic horizontal stripe layout a catchy twist by getting rid of straight lines and opting for oblique ones instead. The page receives a beautiful asymmetrical feeling that pleasantly delineates the content and appeals to users.

17-Frontjet Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Recognition Source

Recognition Source leverages a magnificent dark background with a subtle touch of polygonal style in order to complement the image products that have a refined sense of geometry. Here an angled block used in a header section fits like a glove, strengthening the overall aesthetics.

18-Recognition-Source Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Coupon Tools

Coupon Tools lays out the content in a smart way using a series of angled wide stripes and backdrops with low opacity. The website features sharply separated pieces of data that do not intersect and let you enjoy the image backdrops.

19-Coupon-Tools Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks

Sherpa Marketing

Sherpa Marketing leverages angled blocks as decorative instruments that add to the aesthetics, give a particular appeal to the website design and thanks to strong bluish coloring adds to the page a comfort businesslike touch.

20-Sherpa-Marketing Splendid Website Design with Angled Blocks


Sharp angled blocks can be used not only for laying out the content in an unusual fashion, but also as complementary tools that enrich the appearance. In tandem with polygonal backdrops, flat style or basic geometric shapes they are able to take the website above and beyond.

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