WordPress is considered to be one Content Management System that will quickly push your blog into Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) but reaching to the top is a totally different story. Webmasters have always been in search of the Holy Grail for SEO and the quest (just like the real Holy Grail) will never end due to the presence of the search engine giant Google.

“Smartly” Taking WordPress Blog Post SEO to Another Level

Google has smartly been sitting on the head of webmasters who have tried to trick the complex algorithms that are the backbone of Google’s system. We (the webmasters) come up with one way to push our pages on the top of Google’s SERP and Google kicks it out if it isn’t worth the heroics. Websites need Google’s blessings in order to survive the competitive virtual world and this article will give you some insight into how to do that. Google loves honesty and I will teach you how to be “smartly” honest in order to beat the other (not so smart but honest) competition.

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