If you are a real pro or at even a novice with a vast potential and immense enthusiasm there is no insurmountable obstacle for you; and such a trifle as the size of a device screen that, as a rule eases off a workflow and sometimes even halts the whole process is a simple barrier that needs to be overcome in a short time. A great deal of designers have proved this with their recent works that feature incredible app UIs of the highest quality created specifically for iWatch.

Although the brand new Apple product has not even hit the shelves of the American market, creatives around the world have already presented their visions of future app interfaces that can run on this tiny smart gadget. What’s more, each such concept is built according to all specifications provided by the company and constructed with current design trends in mind. So that with just a little imagination and our fresh collection you will be able to visualize a future of smart wrist wearables. Let’s take a look at 20 first-rate, carefully planned and neatly realized designs.

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