Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

While digital agencies undoubtedly have a vast potential are able to handle almost any task, the personal approach provided by standalone artists sometimes can be preferable. With the increasing popularity of portfolios (that by the way are claimed to be one of the biggest trends of this year) creative individuals come to the fore.

One of the greatest things is that thanks to this tendency, lots of freelance, newbie, and even professional artists step out of the shadows. Being inspired by culture and traditions of their motherland and slightly restrained within frames of the demands of society, they ‘prettify the Internet with bright colors’ as well as enrich it with unique features that are typical of their country. Although these 2 factors do not stop them from implementing the latest techniques and design trends to keep pace with the others.

Today we are going to uncover 20 talented designers from 20 beautiful countries. Some of them are struggling to provide users with modern websites packed with the latest solutions, others on the contrary, favor projects enriched with some characteristic traits that naturally single them out from others; nevertheless, all of them take users on a great experience.

Designer Portfolios

Hayden Dawkins

Hayden Dawkins is a USA-based WordPress designer that promises to put his heart and soul into your project. Although his personal portfolio is predominantly made in black and white, such a color palette brings a sense of sophistication and refinement to the general feeling as well as puts the content above everything.

1-Hayden-Dawkins Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Roman Kirichik

Roman Kirichik is an extremely talented web designer from Ukraine with an excellent eye for detail. His online portfolio simply breathes stylishness, modernity, and finess: a trendy 2-column layout, classy color scheme, subtle hamburger button and some accompanying effects make the website stand out from the crowd.

2-RomanKirichik Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley is a real professional designer, being an art director of a first-rate digital agency in UK. His website looks fantastic and exceptional. Charged with some tiny yet showy effects, the ‘Welcome’ section instantly reflects the enormous potential of the artist as well as demonstrating his sense of balance and love of trends.

3-NathanRiley Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Marcin Dmoch

Marcin Dmoch is a gifted designer from Poland who specializes in web and UI projects. Skillfully adapted fixed width centered layout (that is quite popular nowadays), the artist has managed to maintain the overall attention on the central part of the page, making access to vital information such as navbar and some other links quick and easy.

4-MarcinDmoch Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

João Roma

João Roma, a skilled Brazilian designer, has charged his personal portfolio with emotions and positive energy. His minimal website is carefully executed and utilizes an interesting color combination that instantly strikes the eye.

5-JoaoRoma Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Cihad Turhan

Cihad Turhan is a Jack of all trades from Turkey. He is a master of design and development. So that it is not surprising that his personal portfolio, powered by some latest techniques, charms with its unique and visually interesting appearance. The 2-column layout vividly shows the potential of the artist through his work.

6-CihadTurhan Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Kanji Ki

At first glance, it becomes obvious that the artist to whom this project belongs is from ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’. Indeed, Kanji Ki is a talented designer with the extra skills of a developer from Japan, and his gallery of works serves as a sheer source of inspiration.

7-KanjiKi Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Daniel Spatzek

Daniel Spatzek is a qualified expert in design from Austria who can boast co-working with lots of national and international brands. Although his personal portfolio features 4 sections, the ideology of ‘Less is More’ is skillfully brought to life here.

8-DanielSpatzek Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Hayden Bleasel

Hayden Bleasel is a gifted product designer from Australia who is concurrently a full-stack developer. His personal portfolio has a powerful natural vibe and features elegant ultra-narrow typography and a subtle ghost button that go perfectly well with the backdrop, recreating a refined atmosphere.

9-HaydenBleasel Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Rob Voets

Rob Voets is a professional designer from The Netherlands, who currently lives in New York and has the invaluable experience of working with such industry goliaths as Nike, Samsung and Google. His online portfolio is filled with excellence and symbolism as well as being based on a robust and easily perceived stripe layout.

10-RobVoets Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Christian MacMillan

Christian MacMillan is a talented and enthusiastic designer from Spain who was born in Palma de Mallorca. As befits, his personal website includes only vital information such as about, portfolio and a blog. Color scheme and a magnificent self-portrait are indisputable eye catchers.

11-ChristianMacMillan Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Simon A. Lund

Simon A. Lund is a gifted freelance designer from Denmark. With his website, the artist tries to make the works speak on behalf of his persona. The landing page features nothing more than just a small biography and a series of portfolio pieces.

12-SimonALund Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Mike | Creative Mints

Mike | Creative Mints from The Czech Republic is a true master of his craft. Although his personal portfolio has quite an unremarkable design and does not amuse readers with splendid effects, his works presented on the page speak louder than words, showing the enormous potential of the artist.

13-MikeCreativeMints Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Joan Chong

Joan Chong from Singapore has a natural skill for design and illustrations. Her personal portfolio is marked by a huge personality. The website looks clean, neat and subtle. Open feeling and predominant light coloring add a unique charm.

14-JoanChong Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs


FLP L NY is a marvelous portfolio of an autodidact colorblind designer who lives in Montreal. Felipe Elioenay has a gift from God. His unique and exceptional personal website demonstrates this through a series of fantastic works.

15-FLPLNY Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs


Zulu is a creative designer and skillful coder based in Norway who adores bringing to life various UI projects and loves to experiment with technologies and typography. His truly minimal personal portfolio is aimed at drawing the whole attention to his works.

16-Zulu Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Deep Soni

Deep Soni is a skilled digital designer from The United Arab Emirates. He is known to be a true professional in developing minimal interfaces that meet current trends. His personal portfolio is clear proof of that. Using a stylish and pretty popular fixed width centered layout, several inner pages and a generous amount of white space, the artist has managed to recreate an appealing and modern design.

17-DeepSoni Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Dane Bowen

Dane Bowen from South Africa is a qualified and experienced specialist in design and high-end techniques. With his online portfolio, he goes for a minimal approach not only in terms of design, opting in favor of a spacious layout, restrained color scheme and clean solid canvases, but also in terms of content filling. As a result, the necessary information instantly strikes the eye.

18-DaneBowen Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Ying Wang

Ying Wang is a professional designer and illustrator from the world’s most populous country, China. His personal website has a subtle touch of his culture and a marvelous circular vibe. It naturally directs the whole attention towards the works by using clean backdrops and absence of lush decoration.

19-YingWang Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs

Atulesh Kumar

Atulesh Kumar from a subcontinent of India is a true master who can handle any work starting from prototyping websites with user-centric interfaces and ending with complex print projects. With his vigilantly crafted portfolio enhanced by the human touch that leverages quite a simple structure, the artist has targeted a wide audience.

20-AtuleshKumar Showcasing The World: Designer Portfolios – 20 Designs


Indeed, the Internet erases boundaries: whether you are living in a country that located in the thick of things or at the other end of the World, you have an opportunity to keep up with the rest, participate in the mainstream, follow trends and implement the latest techniques in your projects thereby making the Web a better place.

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