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We are no longer living in a world where gender is a decisive factor in choosing a profession. The last fifty years have drastically changed the situation: we got rid of stereotypes, bridged the gap between men and women and have almost reached equilibrium. Nowadays each sphere is within women’s competence, and web design and web development are no exceptions.

While we are used to seeing a great deal of men in this area, there are lots of brainy and talented ladies that give others a head start, outshining the majority in their profession. For example, Lea Verou with her pioneering experiments in CSS inspires million of girls to pursue their dreams of blessing the world with outstanding and creative websites.

Today we are going to pay respect to female artists and developers of any kind, featuring twenty exceptional personal portfolios.

Female Web Design: Portfolios

Paulina Galindo

Paulina Galindo meets the eye with a mind-blowing sophisticated surreal background. Elegant circular logotype, sleek ghost button, and tiny hamburger menu icon nicely complement the original canvas and unobtrusively bring the vital information into focus.

1-PaulinaGalindo Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Maria de la Guardia

Maria de la Guardia’s personal portfolio exemplifies how a minimal solution and modest coloring can benefit the aesthetics. The ‘welcome’ section exudes an image of subtlety and taste. The sleek background with an artistic touch goes quite well with the skinny elegant typeface, ghost CTA and modern hamburger button.

2-MariadelaGuardia Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Katie Cullinan

Katie Cullinan is a designer from the US who has quite a unique landing page – populated with puzzle pieces. As seems to be the current trend with portfolio sites these days, she brings only what is absolutely necessary – some samples of her work and an About page, which includes her contact details.

3-KatieCullinan Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Sleep and Chook

Sleep and Chook is the intriguing online portfolio of talented Julia Slipenchuk. It has some inventive twists like bold typography spiced up with the portrait or dynamic social media icons that spin the website creatively. While bluish coloring that overlays the gallery of works creates a sense of trust, honesty, and serenity, the classic combination of black and white brings the businesslike feel into the composition.

4-SleepandChook Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Angelique Jordan

Angelique Jordan seizes the attention right away by exhibiting outstanding works in the ‘welcome’ section. The website breathes fresh air due to an enormous amount of white space and tiny typography. With its fixed centered layout and slightly asymmetrical arrangement the design keeps up with the current tendencies.

5-AngeliqueJordan Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Sylvia Prats

Sylvia Prats has a sleek and tidy personal portfolio. The coloring is soothing and the roomy feeling is prevailing. There is only an “About’ section and a gallery with works that indicate a high level of skills.

6-SylviaPrats Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Pauline Osmont

Pauline Osmont has stamped her charming personality with French chic on the UI. The gorgeous signature takes up the central position, reflecting the delicate and artistic nature of the designer. The website balances lots of images, producing powerful yet not overwhelming impact.

7-PaulinaOsmont Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration


Much like the previous example, Theodora’s online portfolio is marked by individuality and the human touch. The illustrated image of the workspace greets users, adding playfulness. The way the works have been presented to online visitors is certainly worth attention.

8-Theodora Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Laura Barbera

Laura Barbera is a gifted designer and developer. Although her personal portfolio is just one page with little info and some links, thanks to the dynamic canvas with moving stars and constellations it looks modern and inviting.

9-LauraBarbera Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Melanie Daveid

This is another personal portfolio in our collection that is surrounded by the powerful female aura. Beautiful calligraphy establishes an alluring atmosphere with primary focus on the artist’s name. It also sets the tone of the project. The two-column structure is used to lay out the rest of the content in a fresh and engaging way.

10-MelanieDaveid Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Karina Daukaeva

Karina Daukaeva has skillfully placed all the vital information about herself on one page. Although there are no impressive photo backgrounds or decorative elements, the works that occupy most of the website speak for themselves showing the enormous potential of the designer.

11-KarinaDaukaeva Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration


Orion9 is empowered by subtle motion, seamless effects, and UX enhancements. Victoria Nine offers you to embark on a fascinating adventure through her career. While the design is based on two-tone coloring, monochrome backgrounds and regular sans serif typeface, it may not look so appealing at first, yet high-end experience and interactivity will force you to stay.

12-Orion9 Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

LJB Studio

LJB Studio is run by Laura Boast. The website is based on a general structure that treats the information quite well. There are some nice peculiarities that enrich aesthetics. For example, the service section leverages eye-catching zebra-like icons to visually identify the possibilities of the company.

13-LJBStudio Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Clara Rua

Clara Rua’s personal portfolio is marked by fantastic layering aesthetics. She has managed to avoid a chaotic and messy appearance and come up with an excellent layout. Tiny dynamic effects and interactive details enhance the theme as well as improve user experience.

14-ClaraRua Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration


Naiara Abaroa takes the traditional and boring horizontal stripe layout to the next level, converting it into an amazing one-page design. Almost every section has things to marvel at. For example, the intro employs a techno typography and beautiful photo background with a halftone effect; the ‘about’ section reveals information in an original code-themed manner.

15-NAK Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Joan Chong

Joan Chong does an excellent job of utilizing white space and coloring. The website feels roomy and comfortable to navigate and read. The content and the small illustrated portrait are primary focal points. Red is used to put extra emphasis on important things.

16-JoanChong Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Thalios by Julie Flogeac

While the tablet users contemplate only one screen with brief contact information, the desktop audience can enjoy unusual structure and lovely design. The artist relies on image sliders that handle lots of visuals with ease. Asymmetrical layout adds dynamics and piquancy.

17-Thalios Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Sara Michelazzo

Sara Michelazzo gets straight to the point and saves online visitors from redundant and superfluous information. There are only vital pages (home, work and about) that are defined by sleek, beautiful design, and consistency in style. The relatively huge photo of the artist on the front page sets up open relationships.

18-SaraMichelazzo Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Anat Kalinski

Anat Kalinski has an online portfolio with an illustrative style. The wonderful decorative script, charming doodles and intricate menu: everything points to a creative personality with tremendous potential. As you may have guessed the artist specializes in design and illustrations and her website is vivid proof of her competence.

19-AnatKalinski Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration

Have you met Janet

The site is filled with fun and amusement. Lovely photos add a playful note and lighten the atmosphere. The homepage feels friendly and endears the designer to the online audience. The huge smiling face is a win-win solution.
20-HaveyoumetJanet Outstanding Female Personal Portfolios Exploration


To be honest, it took time to amass this collection. Male personal portfolios have conquered the Web. Ladies, stop hiding in the shadows. It is time to show your face and show off to everyone your tremendous potential.

Do you think females have a problem establishing themselves as designers and developers? If so, how do you think this situation can be changed to bring the rank of female freelancers up to that of males?

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