Marketing is a huge part of a new movie’s budget, and in the past the promotors had to rely on billboard advertising and TV and cinema advertising. These days it is unusual if a movie does not have its own dedicated official website as part of the marketing campaign, and these sites generally offer movie trailers and teasers, a synopsis and a list of cast and crew members.

Sometimes there are poster or wallpaper downloads, and even games and activities can be included, particularly on the sites for children’s films. The production of a website probably uses a minimal part of the marketing budget, but is no doubt one of the best marketing tools, so it is important that the site is well designed in all aspects. And official movie sites have not been left behind in keeping up with current trends – you can find a lot of trends utilized in these sites. Here is a selection of 20 official websites of movies that have already been released, or will be soon – we are looking at films released in late 2014 or early 2015.

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