In the struggle for potential clients, the end justifies the means. In the fierce competition among creative agencies where each one can boast an excellent resume bolstered by a bulk of mind-blowing works, it’s really difficult to take a stand, distinguish yourself from others and win over new clients. So it is quite self-evident that corporate identity as well as official website design, as a rule, is planned down to the last detail. Everything is taken into account in order to avoid any possible loopholes. Here, every element, even the tiniest one, plays a decisive role that is able to gain the favor of online visitors.

From lush header backgrounds that strengthen the first impression to minor social media icons that finish off the overall appearance, teams pay attention to every component, and verbal tool of communication is also not forgotten, though it seems to be a relic of the past. Front pages are marked by motivational, catchy, smart and even bold taglines that develop friendly and healthy relationships with users as well as bring them around. Let’s take a look at a selection of intriguing examples.

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