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Low poly designs are rather popular today. Polygon mesh, firstly seen in 3D graphics, now appear on various-themed websites and seem to perfectly fit any style. This design perfectly fits the overall trend towards flat style and can be perfectly used in minimalist websites.

The term “low poly” is used in technical and visual aspects and refers to the number of polygonal elements in the creation of a certain object. The lower number of geometric shapes create a vivid, sharply textured 3D model.

When polygonal design appeared in 2D illustrations and websites it was mostly static. Today we can see a different approach to the polygonal design implementation. Colorful polygons are still widely used for elegant backgrounds and logos, but more and more designers use these elements for creating various dynamic effects (such as parallax and animations). Polygonal shapes today help creating stunning images like beautiful landscapes or various products.

As for the use of colors, polygon website design often implements a monochrome palette that plays with different tones of one color. Multi-colored polygons are widely used for creating various pictures or objects. Another way of adding color to polygonal shapes is the use of gradients. This trendy technique makes polygons look fresh and vibrant.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting examples of polygons used in web design.

Polygon Web Design


The monochrome design of this website incorporates gray animated polygons with a slight effect of movement. Tones are changing while the background is moving giving it extra zest. Four green triangles on each side create some kind of border and, at the same time, work as navigation menu elements.

1-DJZeff Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

MotoCMS 3.0

MotoCMS 3.0 features low poly design to the fullest. The logo is made of colorful polygons while each of the vertical slides has a background with 3D polygons that are dynamic due to the parallax effect.

2-MotoCMS30 Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Francesca Martorelli

The homepage of Francesca Martorelli’s website looks like a mosaic of pastel polygons that change their color. Four of them are used for navigation. Clicking on any element on the background scatters all polygons away and opens a new website page.

3-FrancescaMartorelli Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Corentin Flach

The zest of this site is its semi-transparent polygon layer over a full-screen photo background. Photos are blurred creating the effect of looking through a crystal.

4-CorentinFlach Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Christian Macmillan

Christian Macmillan’s website features his portrait made of low poly mesh on a background. The monochrome design draws attention to this portrait and to navigation menu elements that are made of polygons too.

5-ChristianMacmillan Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Photo Portfolio Design

Portfolio websites are usually made in clean design to allow photos and artwork to stand out. This template features a light-blue background split into two horizontal parts. The upper part is made of low poly mesh that creates an effect of bokeh.

6-PhotoPortfolioDesign Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Species in Pieces

This stunning design makes use of low poly mesh to the fullest. From background and logo to species roundup – everything here is made of colorful polygons. Animation makes those species more vivid.

7-SpeciesinPieces Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design


Vibrant red polygons on this website’s background are made tridimensional making them look like little diamonds. Slightly sparkling background adds more elegance to this design and combination of two major colors creates a cool chic effect.

8-Toi Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Soul Digital

Another design that incorporates semi-transparent low-poly background over a blurred full-screen photo. White badge-style logo on this background looks amazing and attracts attention.

9-SoulDigital Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design


The cartoon-style design of this website features an animated landscape made of polygons. Parallax effect and animated objects make this design look funny and dynamic.

10-4por4 Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design


Vizua also adds some fun to its website. A funny extra-terrestrial creature is featured on a space-like background with polygonal elements that should be rocks and stones. The space background with polygonal stars and other objects moving adds some dynamics to the image.

11-Vizua Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Volkswagen Electrique

Polygons are often used for adding a techno look to the object. So, they perfectly fit websites focused on technology development, industrial companies and various innovations. Volkswagen Electrique website features low poly mesh for the background and nice white clouds as design elements.

12-VolkswagenElectrique Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Dentistry Web Theme

Kids shouldn’t be afraid of dentists. This template helps make a dentist’s website attractive for children and creates a sunny image. Bright orange background looks more distinct thanks to polygons of different tints of orange and yellow.

13-DentistryWebTheme Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Visit Ecuador. Galapagos Islands

This amazing website combines a real photo of the ocean with a picture of the Galapagos Islands made of colorful polygons. Animated clouds made also of white polygons add dynamics to the look.

14-VisitEquadorGalapagosIslands Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Christmas Experiments

The deep-blue screen makes a perfect background for snowballs made of polygons. A large polygon in the center is used for navigation to various Christmas Experiments.

15-ChristmasExperiments Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design


This stunning design features low poly mesh to create a cool image of a mountain with a road to success. Red signs show vital points in the company’s development. An animated constellation adds extra vividness to the look.

16-VNG Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design


Low poly mesh is mostly used on technology-focused websites due to their geometric design and tailored look. However, modern use of colors, gradients and transparent layers make polygon designs very attractive, versatile and suitable for various styles and themes of websites.

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