“Skip it or not” – sometimes it can be a quite dilemma especially when we face websites with video intros. Whether we have the spare time or we are just not in the mood, there are numerous reasons that push us to pass up; however, if “all of the planets align” or simply the first seconds of intro have managed to arouse curiosity in us and we have decided to give it a shot, we will certainly end up with a unique and quite unforgettable experience.

Without doubt, such an approach demands from regular users to waste some precious time, which is a critical factor for the majority of us. We are accustomed to receive information quickly and briefly, however in some cases it is certainly worth spending your time on watching a video that not only is capable of dragging you into an improvised performance and turning a regular website into a fantastic project but also discloses information in a unique and appealing way and leaves you quite impressed.

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