The past always remains past, but not in website design, where the flair of days of yore can compete with current web trends on an equal footing. Each bygone era whether it is the mid-20th century that is full of post-war artwork and civilian posters, 80s with its bright disco style masterpieces or even modern hipster subculture with a grunge feeling and banner style logotypes are able to bring their own charm and flavor, supplying your project with a unique, exclusive and impressive appearance.

Moreover, the past prepared for you the greater freedom of choice: you can go for the retro, vintage, hipster, hippy, or even Renaissance and Victorian look. It is where your imagination easily runs wild and produces truly remarkable and overwhelming results that will single out you from the others. Want to see those who are exceptional? Then look through our collection of 20 fresh examples of “old-fashioned” website designs.

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