Insects include species that perhaps cause the most fear in humans, such as spiders. There are also some insects that appear to have no real reason for being – on the other hand, there are many insects that we simply couldn’t do without, such as bees: Albert Einstein estimated that the human race would survive no more than 4 years in the absence of bees – we rely on them to pollinate crops, without which we couldn’t survive. Of course, with the technology of today, we would probably invent ways of carrying this out without bees… but the work bees do makes our lives so much easier.

Photographing insects is no easy task – they are often fluttery, fast or well-camouflaged or simply just hidden away. They are also, of course, usually very small, so close-up or macro photography is required. Today we have selected some amazing examples of insect photography. Don’t forget to check out the first two articles in this series: Animals and Birds.

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