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Participants of food and drink market have finally become active players of modern mainstreams. Several years past the web was filled with numerous high-end projects dedicated to restaurants, pubs, food producers, breweries and others, and today it continues replenishing in the same spirit.

Once we have previously published a collection of yummy website designs and splendid food-related mobile application concepts that will certainly awaken your hunger in a creative manner, however in the days when this colossal industry has conquered the virtual world these articles are not enough to show the full scope; so today we are going to explore website designs that reveal a small yet integral branch of this sphere: coffee-inspired online projects have got into our field of vision.

Both coffee and websites inspired by this energizing drink can boast diversity and assortment: coffee has different grades, flavors and even a whole classification, and the websites are presented in many various styles and manners. Of course, they have one thing in common: each one considers it his duty to include in the design at least one delicious picture with a mug of coffee (traditionally, latte) or a picture with a heap of coffee beans, the rest depends on the designer’s preferences. Want to find out what else can be found in such websites? Then just proceed to our collection.

Coffee-Inspired Websites

Coffee Beans Delivered

Coffee Beans Delivered has an ultra-modern and highly artistic website design that boasts a blend of impressive typography with grunge touches, banner-like centerpieces and dozens of corresponding images. The “welcome” section is enlivened by a rustic yet perfectly-executed badge-style logotype that strikes the eye.

1-Coffee-Beans-Delivered Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Caffe Cimo

The designer goes for a lovely combination of flat style and spectacular photos. The website is a skillful alternation of image backdrops and clean solid color canvases that not only provide the content with a perfect contrasting basis but also recreates a proper atmosphere.

2-Caffe-Cimo Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Second Cup

Second Cup is based on a magnificent light coloring that evokes only positive feelings. The rigid subtle typography in tandem with a clean background and lots of whitespace recreates a well-structured and properly-organized layout that just impresses. The clean, vector, badge-style logotype easily excels from such a composition.

3-Second-Cup Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs


Jacu greets the online audience with a photo-rich and invigorating website that is highly populated with coffee-inspired pictures including a commonly-used image of a pile of coffee beans. The designer wisely opts for a contrasting combination of black and white in order to not distract attention from the visuals, and at the same time, lets users scan a copy without the hassle and bustle. Here also the navigation pattern is really worth your attention.

4-Jacu Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs


SCR has a refined and sleek appearance. The website is a harmonious synthesis of images, content and clean flat style graphics. The project is impregnated with a sumptuous geometric feeling that is achieved through the implementation of various contour style shapes (such as squares, triangles, rhombuses) that are laconically scattered throughout the whole page.

5-SCR Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Where Does Coffee Come From?

The website is a classic example of visual storytelling that is executed through vibrant flat illustrations. As usual, the project is driven by a parallax effect that enlivens the whole story. So if you want to discover the grueling yet inspirational journey from bean to coffee, then read the story.

6-Where-does-Coffee-come-from Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

De la Paz

The minimalistic landing page is marked by a characteristic image background that showcases several grades of coffee. It serves as a kind of ecommerce area that allows users to make a purchase immediately.

7-De-la-Paz_ Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

My First Coffee

If you are a passionate lover of coffee, if nothing invigorates you as the smell of freshly brewed coffee does, and if your day officially begins with a cup of this dark liquid, then you should definitely take a glance at this website, since it was created with such people in mind. The design does not include corresponding graphics, however this fact does not diminish its merits since here the content is what really matters.

8-My-First-Coffee Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

My Coffee My Barista

Here, the visual appeal of the website design relies on a powerful and a bit tricky combination of textures, realistic mockups, hand-drawn graphics and slightly crooked cursive-like type. Everything is densely packed together and has been chosen in such a manner in order to not destroy the first impression.

9-My-Coffee-My-Barista Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs


With such a promising tagline as “caffeine powered icon set” as well as an expressive nameplate “icons4coffee”, it would be very surprising if the web designer had not included coffee-inspired graphics. So that 2 cups with distinctive “Starbucks” logotype here ideally blend in.

10-Icons4Coffee Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Café Cuba

Every developer or geek will truly appreciate this website, since the first page brings back some sweet memories related to working with computers through the command line. This is a really original solution.

11-Cafe-Cuba Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Pablo and Rusty’s

The home page features a magnificent photo-based navigation that traditionally is populated with corresponding coffee-inspired pictures. It instantly establishes an energizing atmosphere, enticing you into the project.

12-Pablo-and-Rusty Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Coffee Surfing

Coffee Surfing is all about coffee devotees around the world. The website includes various encouraging and intriguing stories of renewal. You will find a bunch of interesting videos and photos.

13-Coffee-Surfing Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs


The first page includes a couple of welcoming images, one of which features a photo of a workspace where cups of coffee occupy a dominant position. It tends to recreate a modern atmosphere that is inherent to every office worker.

14-Ooze Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

The Bagel Bar Coffee House

Here the designer goes for a color palette that is pulled from coffee (that is to say, it implies a mix of black and brown shades that is skillfully diluted with a contrasting white tone). As befits all websites dedicated to bars/restaurants, it also includes images of delicious snacks and coffee drinks that aim to increase your appetite.

15-The-Bagel-Bar-Coffee-House Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Little Cove Coffee

The designer builds an authentic and pristine appearance with the help of cardboard textures, a blend of various script typefaces, lopsided sketchy graphics and numerous photos enclosed in polaroid-like frames in order to creatively highlight coffee.

16-Little-Cove-Coffee Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs


Indeed, an image of a cup of coffee or a pile of coffee beans can be found in each of the featured websites, however despite being guided by the same topic, each project has its own zest, whether it is manifested in a style that was applied, in a solution that was adopted or in an idea that was put into action.

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