Utilization of the image background in a website is certainly “as old as the hills”. However, the creative folk are managing to come up with original ideas that allow squeezing every opportunity from this medium in order to benefit the aesthetics. Recently, we have observed various sleek, clean, monochromatic backdrops that have flooded the Web due to the immense popularity of Flat style. Nonetheless, image backdrops have returned with a fresh breath. Websites featuring enormous and visually-appealing images are quite popular nowadays. You can stumble upon lovely cityscapes, picturesque landscapes, funny animals, mind-blowing photo manipulations, surreal images, cinemagraphs, but amidst all this diversity, pictures with close-up faces certainly strike the eye.

Want to find out why? Then proceed to our collection, and you will see how this approach helps to add personality, express a range of emotions, establish the proper atmosphere and give the artificial project a so necessary human touch.

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