WordPress multi-site transforms a regular WordPress blog into a network of blogs, easily integrated into one main admin back-end, and with shared essential features. It started out as an independent project, but is now a core feature of WordPress that can be activated easily and at any time. Doing so gives a standard WordPress install the ability to run and manage several separate blogs.

How to Integrate BuddyPress with WordPress Multi-site Seamlessly

Buddypress has taken it a step further. While WPMU (WordPress Multi-User) can increase the sense of community for a WordPress install, Buddypress has made it easily possible to add the “social” to the MU network. We can now create an entire social network using the WordPress platform as a CMS and management system. In today’s article, we’re going to look into how to transform a standard WordPress installation into a social network, by first installing WPMU, and then integrating it with Buddypress.

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