Simplicity, neatness and openness are the main aspects that are generally inherent to light-colored designs, whether it is an interface based on a clean, light quiet background or just UI components predominantly made with light or muted coloring. Such designs are always comfy and pleasant to look at, they easily set the aesthetic, strongly support the content, making it easy to read and scan, and can boast optimum balance.

Moreover, bright accents that are quite common and essential elements play not only a decorative role but are also functional, since they naturally give a sharper focus on specific elements and push the eye towards the content. As for emotional components, light as well as bright colored designs can effectively evoke positive feelings, making the user experience much more agreeable. Without doubt, such designs aren’t sparse or offbeat; use of light coloring is a quite conventional, pragmatic and even orthodox approach, yet it still manages to produce impressive and tangible results.

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