When designing forms, validation is the most important factor to consider. On top of making sure the back-end is secure from spam and malice attacks, validation can aid tremendously in the user experience as well. With proper validation practices, the user will be sure to enter in valid information quickly and almost effortlessly. That is, after all, the goal of good user interface design and development: don’t make the user think.

Form Validation Snippets and Quick Tips

However, validation can also be a hassle. It can be an annoying extra to do with nearly every project, taking up more time and effort. Especially if you’re not the coding-type, it can be even more frustrating. It can be an easy job too, though, with a useful library of code standing by. In this post we’re going to cover some quick snippets so you can copy and paste the repetitive stuff, as well as mention some best user guidelines.

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