I’m sure that Elegant Themes really needs no introduction, but just in case you have not encountered this innovative method of acquiring many beautiful themes at a very low cost, here is how they work: Subscribing to Elegant Themes will cost an annual fee starting at $69, and will give access to 87 themes and any new themes that are developed during your subscription term. With the Developer and Lifetime Access (once-only payment) packages you will also get access to all plugins and Photoshop layered files. Divi 2.0 has been the flagship theme of Elegant Themes, offering a great deal of flexibility so that every developer can produce something unique from this one theme. Now the team have developed great improvements for this theme in their new version, Divi 2.4.

Divi Theme Improvements and Additions

The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. This, of course has not changed with the improvements. Divi 2.4 includes advanced Builder settings that make the whole design process much more flexible. Advanced design settings can be applied to every module, and they allow you to quickly edit anything and everything including colors, fonts, sizes, padding and margins. The rule is that if you can do it with CSS you can do it with Divi’s Advanced Design Settings without writing a line of code!

The Divi Builder interface has also been completely re-designed.

Divi Builder Interface

The Divi Library

Divi 2.0 shipped with 18 pre-made layouts that are completely customizable. The Divi Library available in Divi 2.4 is an extension of the Saved Layouts functionality. This includes added features that make building new sites very fast, such as accessing any library element from within the page builder.

Divi Library

New Global Library Elements give such functionalities as making any Divi Library element global (applies to section, rows, and modules). Save one instance of a section/row/module and add it into any number of layouts, update one to update them all

Global Elements

Fluid Grid

Divi 2.4 has a completely re-coded grid that is entirely fluid and percentage based. No more fixed widths – so no more modifications of them required! This enables the theme to look exactly the same on a desktop, but respond more intuitively on mobile devices.


More Improvements

  • New Full Screen Header Module: 24 unique layouts, layout elements include, logo, title, subtitle, text content, header image, background image, background video, background color overlay, parallax background image, and up to 2 call to action buttons.
  • New Navigation Options: Including: show/hide logo on scroll, show header after scroll, centered inline logo, transparent background color, dropdown menu background color, fixed navigation logo height and much more.
  • New Row Options: Including: adjust column structure of existing rows, make rows full width, choose custom row width, choose custom row column spacing, and more.
  • Advanced Module Settings & Custom CSS: Unique options per individual module, per module text options, per module color options, per module button styling, per module margin and padding and enter custom CSS right inside the module

Advanced Settings & Custom CSS

These improvements are aimed at laying the foundation for future additions and tweaks to make the Divi Builder the most powerful and easy-to-use WordPress page builder available.


This new version of the Divi theme is the first round of modifications, centered on the Divi Builder, that the Elegant Themes team have in mind for the improvements and advances they envision developing for this theme.

If you have a subscription to Elegant Themes, this theme is available for download today, so don’t hesitate to get your copy and see the changes for yourself. If you are not subscribed, perhaps the amazing benefits of using this single theme will encourage you to join them now.

Please share you opinions with us in the comments section below.

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