Wood is an eternal material that has accompanied mankind from time immemorial. It has left an unmistakable imprint in numerous areas, and designers of different directions are among those who derive many additional benefits from it as well as using it to full capacity. Even in the digital sphere, this organic texture has found its particular niche. Although, the last couple of years online users lost sight of wooden textures, since artists preferred to leverage more refined, nifty flat graphics.

However, an upsurge in the popularity of incorporating wooden textures in website design has been seen recently, so it is obvious that complicated, impure and intricate textures are coming back again. Revitalized, revised and with a full head of steam, they intend it to do its bit; and we are going to explore fresh website designs, where wooden texture “has put its 2 cents in” thereby having enhanced appearance and recreated a unique atmosphere.

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