Your B2C Customer Portal: Convenient, Mobile and CRM Integrated

Though B2C e-commerce is associated with shopping for consumer goods rather than for services, buying services can actually be more repetitive, and therefore a self-service portal comes as just the right thing for establishing long-term relations with customers. Indeed, it brings savings and fuels customer satisfaction, but only if it’s designed to do so. Due […]

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Web Scrolling Made Easy: 20 Free Solutions

The scrolling effect can be found on numerous websites. It is one of the most widespread techniques nowadays. It powers trendy long landing pages, visual storytelling experiences, personal portfolios, online galleries, news portals and much more. Paired with animations, it is able to achieve stunning results, easily separating the project from the others. While initially, […]

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How To Create A Floating Action Button with Helpful Resources

One of the most talked-of components of Google’s new visual language is the Floating Action Button. Basically, it is just a small circular icon that is used as quick access to promoted actions. However, this design pattern has managed to evoke quite mixed feelings. While it is believed to be a significant enhancement, some developers […]

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