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2015 was quite a busy year with some original trends and inventive solutions. While we all contemplated the appearance of more and more flat user interfaces that were made with Material Design principles in mind, interactive projects started to conquer the Web. Although they are moving at a snail’s pace, their presence has finally become more decisive, strong and known. Of course, it is a costly luxury that not every company can undertake.

However, one can argue that a lot of corporations joined the stream. As the previous year showed, anyone can derive benefits from it: movie industry, sports industry, fashion industry, social communities, digital agencies and even vigorous and devoted enthusiasts – all of them have already felt the ‘force’ hidden in this approach.

For us, it was quite difficult to choose only twenty examples, since there are already a bunch of projects, that are worthy of exploring. So, if you feel like any other site should be displayed in our collection, please share it via comments and tell us the reasons.

Interactive Websites

Cryptaris Mission

Cryptaris Mission is a mind-blowing online game that professionally simulates tests that are applied to recruits for US Army STEM. It is an alliance of sophisticated WebGL techniques, outstanding design, energetic atmosphere and interactive features.

1-Cryptaris Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape

This phenomenal experience was built specifically for Chrome users. To enjoy the whole adventure, you should visit the portal through your cell phone since the device plays here the crucial role. Use it as a weapon of Jedi to battle stormtroopers.

2-LightsaberEscape Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Pray for Paris

The project combines almost twenty amazing experiments created during a four day workshop. Each one is a smart collaboration of inventive ideas, interactive tricks and carefully crafted design. The only drawback is that it is supported only by desktop devices.

3-PrayforParis Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen uses an original way to shed light on a brand-new collection. The website features an interactive video which you are welcome to explore from various angles. You can pause the flow and examine more carefully each detail just by clicking on it.

4-GeorgJensen Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Xbox: Halo 5 – Guardians Visualizer

This is another website in our list that gets its exceptional user experience from skillfully adopted WebGL solutions. Particle animation that forms helmets of iconic characters is just brilliant. You can move through the timeline, compose messages and explore each tiny element of the environment.

5-Halo5 Best Interactive Websites of 2016


Codedoodles is a collection of more than sixty splendid coding sketches that vividly demonstrate possibilities of modern solutions. Each interactive web experiment is engaging, thrilling and inspiring.

6-Codedoodles Best Interactive Websites of 2016


How about a dose of old-time interfaces that were inherent to the famous Windows 95. The project skillfully reflects that period, making visitors indulge in nostalgia. This improvised digital lab lets you create your Frankenstein piece by piece.

7-Frankesim Best Interactive Websites of 2016

ARK: Star Citizen Map

The portal was created in support of a video game that features a fantastic world created by Chris Roberts. The website is just awesome. The user interface is reminiscent of a control center of a futuristic spaceship to navigate through the universe.

8-ARKStarCitizenMap Best Interactive Websites of 2016


Void is an incredible site dedicated to experiments with visual and sonic concepts and pioneering technologies. The team pushes the boundaries. Although the concept is not fully supported by several modern browsers such as Firefox or IE., Chrome users can enjoy all the perks.

9-Void Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Seeing Data

The project can be considered as a dynamic infographic that skillfully dishes up boring statistics to users, drawing them in and at the same time raising awareness about the topic. There are two micro sites each of which creatively represents its sphere.

10-SeeingData Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Art Project OE20

The website is kind of a virtual museum that exhibits the creativity of one of the most beloved Ukrainian rock bands. It is fully interactive and simply mesmerizing. Dive into a tour through the musical career that was skillfully brought to life by means of the latest techniques.

11-ArtProjectOE20 Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road invites users to set out on a journey around the legendary Abbey Road Studios. This fully interactive experience lets you walk through the rooms, read fascinating stories, enjoy entertaining videos, contemplate iconic images and even play with some equipment. The static surrounding was professionally enriched with some clever tricks.

12-InsideAbbeyRoad Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Under Armour Women

The project is centered around the idea that one of the most famous supermodels lives in a world of contradicting opinions. Video of Gisele Bündchen’s training routine is spiced up with some innovative WebGL features and live social commentary. Online visitors are welcome to explore critique and positive feedback of other users in an inventive way.

13-UnderArmourWomen Best Interactive Websites of 2016

1000 Chrome Experiments

Created by the Google Creative Lab, the portal is intended to celebrate one thousand experiments that are collected under one roof. As befits, not only does the project include some gorgeous animations, but it also is marked by excellent performance and a portion of impressive web technologies.

14-1000ChromeExperiments Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Catch the Dragon

Catch the Dragon bursts with energy and charisma. This jaw-dropping website depicts an interactive VR film that can be viewed both on desktop and mobile devices. It is an alliance of one of the most pioneering solutions and excellent works with the camera.

15-CatchtheDragon Best Interactive Websites of 2016

The Self-Destructing Book

A spy game enriched with investigations and drama is the central motif in this project. The interface meets the spirit of James Bond franchises and makes you feel like you are in the driver’s seat. You have only a day to finish a book before it explodes.

16-SelfDestructingBook Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Cybeer Bar

Cybeer Bar is a successful union of sumptuous illustrations, animations, interactive traits and unique ideas. The concept works only for mobile devices, so prepare your cell-phone to take a sip of digital beer.

17-CybeerBar Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence

Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence is an awe-inspiring project built around the brand-new High Fidelity Product of the company. The brilliant video that lies at the core is reinforced with some interactive details to produce a powerful impression.

18-Sennheiser Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Earth Hour Paris

The concept demonstrates how to skillfully raise awareness of crucial issues using the latest techniques and some interactive elements. The project encourages visitors to switch off lights in the Eiffel Tower in order to support the global campaign called the ‘Earth Hour’.

19-EarthHourParis Best Interactive Websites of 2016

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year is a professionally fulfilled WebGL experiment that transforms your greetings into a set of fireworks. Just write your wish and let the engine do the entire job.

20-CelebratingChineseNewYear Best Interactive Websites of 2016


Experiencing interactive websites is always a pure pleasure. They are innovative, inspiring and engrossing. Although a great deal of such concepts lacks full browser compatibility, all of them encourage us to discover new solutions, adopt out-of-the-box techniques and test the limits of current technologies.

Which one, to your mind, should wear the crown of a winner? Which example surprises you with its capabilities?

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