When it comes to smart homes and smart homeowners, it might seem a little daunting when it comes to the holiday season. Just what exactly do you buy someone living in such a smart home? When we think of a smart home, we think tech savvy, home automation and green homes. Smart homes are automated homes that save energy and take technology to a new level.

Well, you don’t necessarily need a time machine to shop for futuristic gifts. These gifts are energy efficient and futuristic. Some are pricey and some are reasonable. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Home Automation Market will reach 16.4 Billion by 2019. A pretty significant number I would say. The featured home shown below is named the “Greenest Home in Chicago” due to its futuristic gadgets and inventive ways to live green. Giving the décor credit to Chicago’s Musuem of Science and Industry, we can thank them for Gizmodo’s newest gadgets making this home a Smart Home.

Greenest Home in Chicago

Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Home Owner

1. Savant Home Management System

Savant Home Management System

The Savant home management system running on the iPad provides a simple interface to adjust fine details of the home’s climate and lighting, as well as a way to manage security cameras and operate door locks from the home or remotely from any location.

The Savant TRU lighting interface displays an image of the room, seen here. You can turn lights on and off by simply touching them on the interface. Heating and cooling preset time patterns can be easily configured by dragging and dropping.

2. Know and Control Your Home Kit

SmartThings Home Automation Kit

This home automation kit makes a perfect gift for any smart homeowner, especially for ones living way out in the boonies. The Chicago Smart Home is located in the outskirts of the city. Internet access can be a challenge if you are not located in the heart of the city.

The home automation system will work with any internet provider. It also works well with satellite internet equipment to give homeowners more control over their smart home. In addition to remotely triggering the A/C and turning on and off lamps, this kit lets the homeowner know when people have come and gone. It also automatically turns off electronics to save energy.

3. Cybertecture Mirror

Cybertecture Mirror

The Cybertecture Mirror is located in the Chicago’s home master bath. It delivers the days’ time, temperature, news and traffic, keeps track of your weight, and even connects to friends on Twitter or Facebook. The energy dashboard reports how much power is being produced from the Home’s rooftop solar film and 45-foot wind turbine. I would reserve this gift for your spouse who is really into technology.

4. eCoupled’s Intelligent Wireless Power

eCoupled’s Intelligent Wireless Power

Do you know someone who loves smoothies or someone who likes to blend? They will love the eCoupled’s intelligent wireless power. Through the use of near-field inductive coupling with an advanced intelligent control system, the countertop provides power safely, efficiently, and without wires. This is a great strategy for keeping the space visually clean with no messy outlets cluttering the surfaces, but it also reduces energy wasted through inefficient chargers.

5. USB Drink Warmer with 4-port USB Hub

USB Drink Warmer with 4-port USB Hub

Start your day off with warm cup of coffee. It’s USB powered and also includes four USB ports so you can keep your coffee warm without worrying about running out of ports. The digital display shows the time and the temperature of the hot pad. There’s even an alarm for those late nights in the office. There are so many variations of this product on Amazon. Great gift for coffee lovers.

6. Mobile Pocket Projector

Mobile Pocket Projector

Don’t you just love taking in your favorite movies on the go? With this small projector, whatever you are viewing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, hook it up to this projector and have the screen maximize out to 60 inches on a blank wall, essentially acting as a big-screen TV. The LED lamp projects 85 lumens, and comes with an AC adapter so that you can plug in if you want to view for longer. The projector also has dual built-in speakers and a focus control to even out the image. A great gift for the family to enjoy movies on Christmas Day.

7. iRobot Looj 330

iRobot Looj 330

The only thing worse than having to vacuum around the smart home is having to clean the gutters. Cleaning the gutters is not only dangerous, but it’s a huge investment of time and energy. Spinning at 500 RPM, the four-stage auger scrapes and cleans a path through the gutter, allowing the Looj to travel through a 30 foot section of gutter in five minutes. iRobot is the same company behind the Roomba. Pretty sure all of you handy men will love this gift.

8. Pivot Power Genius

Pivot Power Genius

The Pivot Power Genius does more than just conveniently organize and house your power connections; it is also app-enabled. Using a mobile device, the user can actually turn two outlets on or off. These can be scheduled as well so, for example, if you’re going for a trip and want to have a light come on at a certain time, you won’t need a special timer. If you know someone who travels with their job, they will love you for this one.

9. BetaFlex KH515 Royal Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike

BetaFlex KH515 Royal Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike

Bring some home fitness into your home with the Electric Smart Mini Exercise Bike. It’s estimated that we sit for about 15 hours a day – whether it’s for leisure for or for work. Obviously, it’s important to get up and move around – get that blood flowing – but try explaining that to a workaholic. That’s where this programmable mini exercise bike can really come in handy. It fits under the desk so the user can get in some cardio without missing a step. The mini exercise bike is pretty easy to track down on sites like Amazon. Great gift for fitness fanatics.

10. Sony RDP-XA900IP Premium Bluetooth Speaker Dock with AirPlay

Sony RDP-XA900IP Premium Bluetooth Speaker Dock with AirPlay

This is a gift for music lovers. This sleek and smart dock goes above and beyond your typical iPod dock to deliver a level of quality and connectivity that was largely unprecedented. Rarely do you see AirPlay and Bluetooth in the same device, and it’s nice to see that users can really have their cake and eat it too when it comes to the set-up, which is easy, and the sound quality, which is worth every penny.


Smart Homes are on the rise since they are green conscious and offer convenience through home automation. With this trend it is safe to say that we should start learning about what makes a home a smart home. The Chicago home is a great model to grab ideas and take to your home.

If you’re looking for tech-savvy gifts for a tech-savvy home owner, these suggestions are a great place to start. And, remember, smart homes might seem flashy, but you want to make sure the gifts you give these homeowners have a little more substance. Like a smart home, form and function should always meet somewhere in the middle.

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