Street performing, or busking was probably the first form of entertainment way back before records began. The street was the only available stage, and the only way of earning through performing was to put a collection plate out for the public to throw money into. Street performers can be seen in every major city in the world, and busking is found across every major culture of the world. There are many forms of entertainment offered by street performers, most of which have their own appeal and are usually enjoyable to watch. Street performers and artists have made use of the environment to provide entertainment to passers by with their creative and artistic ways of expression. Though this kind of street art may not be appreciated by everyone.

In this collection of shots taken of street performers from around the world, there are some extremely clever and talented acts, some comical performers, and of course, some way out and downright weird performers. But they all make a living in a very difficult way, and as you will see in the images below, day in and day out, whatever the weather, there are street performances happening all around the world, every day of the year.

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