Most countries around the world welcome each New Year with extravagant firework displays these days. Some of the largest celebrations are held in London, New York, Dubai and Moscow… to name but a few. The first place on Earth to see in the New Year is Christmas Island, which is a territory of Australia and is situated in the Indian Ocean, and the last place on Earth to welcome the New Year is Honolulu in Hawaii which is a state of America and is a group of islands situated in the Pacific Ocean.

There is a 24 hour difference between these two locations, although only a little over 2,000km distance between them. No matter whether your country sees the New Year in first or last or anywhere in between, you can be sure there will be an impressive firework display in some city at night as the clock strikes 12. So we have collected some of the best of the early photographs of the New Year firework displays from around the world, as people said farewell to 2013 and welcomed 2014.

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