When we hear the term web design our mind diverts to creativity and creating new designs using design tools.

Design tools range from pencils and erasers to professional designing tools used for work. Let’s start off by discussing what exactly designing tools are. Designing tools are computer programs that are used to create designs based on the functionality they offer. Professionals or even beginners who are web designing look for the best design tools that are not only helpful in creating good and unique designs for their work but also accessible.

In the range of designing tools, paint brushes and erasers do come in handy but to create engaging websites you’ll need some even more powerful tool. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best design tools out there.

Let’s get started.

uxpin1 UXPin

Price: $19 / month

UX is short for user experience and UX designs are used to create or design products that are easy to use, easy to access and are responsive and quality maintained.  UX designs need a platform and UXPin is the platform that those designs work on. UXPin itself is the name of a design tool which gives you everything that you would want in a perfect designing solution. It enables users to create layered design files to deliver a  friendly and a unique experience to your site’s viewership.

One of the features on offer includes hundreds of UI elements and patterns for you to choose from according to your need or whatever you feel is appropriate for any iPhone, Android, or desktop device. Another standout feature is the Mock up Pixel Perfect Design which lets you add a little creativity to your work with changing backgrounds according to your need or the option to import or add layered designs whether they are from Sketch or Photoshop.

UXPin also gives you amazing animations and preserves prototypes which are something that makes this tool stand out and work perfectly. When it comes to finding the right tools to present your content effectively, the client needs to have a guarantee that the tool won’t end up being a disappointment and wasting all of their time. So in order to lessen the risk of you getting something that you don’t need, UXpin provides you with link sharing from clients that are already using this tool so you could see the feedback from them and make your decision after that without wasting time.

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relativeweb2 Form by RelativeWave

Price: Free

As web designers, creating designs for your website and finding the right tools is quite important. Form basically help you develop and create prototypes directly on your device. In simpler words, prototypes are the samples that are sent out or released beforehand for several reasons. RelativeWave helps you create those prototypes and design your website effectively. It enables web designers to create their prototypes and then run them faster than most tools. Another incredibly powerful feature is that it gives users the ability to use the latest material for their designs hence resulting in a more quality maintained output.

The Viewer App feature allows users to share their designs through the built-in app through social media platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger. When it comes to designing and developing prototypes, the more flexibility there is to how you customize your components, the more comfortable and excellent it is to work with them. This particular prototype gives you the ability to customize your components according to your need and choice from animation patches to 3D rendering.

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pixate3 Pixate

Price: $5 / month (for cloud)

Our thoughts and ideas extend into extreme possibilities when we have a passion for something. If you’re a web designer than those new ideas and new designs are always passing through your mind. Pixate is an application that will help you to create those ideas and thoughts into an actual design on your device. It allows users to create visually appealing designs effortlessly.

Pixate is an application that serves as a prototype platform for your designs for you to test them live and view them or share them with team members.

This design tool doesn’t come with an extensive settings menu so it’s easy to get started with. You can create amazing, eye-catching designs in minutes! Pixate also lets users generate prototypes for both iOS and Android devices. Another huge benefit would be that there is no need for complex coding in order to do this.

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avocode4 Avocode

Price: $7 / month

Avocode stands out from most of the other applications because it allows users to export their design files and turn them into beautiful designs for UI. However, since previous applications already provide this feature, Avocode allows you to export your Photoshop or Sketch files and then convert them into beautiful and unique designs for UI. This incredibly powerful functionality gives you more flexibility in the designing process and also gives you complete control over the customization.

After creating your unique UI design, you can also share your work with your team or any other person using apps like Whatsapp or Messenger. The best part about this application is the flow of it and how it works so perfectly on mobile devices with either iOS or Android operating system and create native prototypes. How many times do you come across something that is both incredible and free as well? The chances are slim to none. One of the best things about Avocode is that you can start using the application for free. Avocode is an application that does an amazing job creating your PSD or Sketch files into beautiful designs.

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affiniity5 Affinity

Price: £39.99 (one-time fee)

Affinity is an application by Serif that gives you the most amazing alternative to any designing tools out there. If you have just started web designing or are looking to switch applications or design tools then Affinity is the one for you.

This one of a kind, powerful design tool provides you with all of the basic options and features. Affinity has also been regarded as a competitor of Photoshop. Arguments can be made on that one but there are reasons behind it. The designing tools and process of this particular app are quite familiar with professional tools to help you professionally design your work and create amazing, unique prototypes for any iOS or Android device.

When you’re a designer you are in need to work with vector art in some particular steps and for that, you need the zoom tool. Affinity’s zoom is quite incredible and makes this part of designing simpler, easier, and more comfortable to use – everything a designer could ask for. Affinity provides you with features that are available in almost all of the applications and tools for designing but with better properties.

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antetype6 Antetype

Price: $189.99 (one-time fee)

If you’re looking for an application that creates high-quality prototypes for iOS and Android devices whose main focus is entirely on the visual designing of it then Antetype is your go-to design tool. UX designs are designs that are developed in such a way that they are easy and reliable to use and also easily accessible by users. Applications that create elegant UX designs are not that hard to find but selecting one that fits your needs can be a daunting task.

The layout of designs created with Antetype is fully responsive which means that they’ll look great on any device your site’s viewership accesses them from. The designs not only look visually appealing but they also give off a professional aura.

Another feature that you will come across with this application is that you can test drive your UI design. The entire layout will be presented to you and then you can decide where to go from there. Antetype allows users to create rapid prototypes improving workflow.

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sketc7 Sketch App

Price: $99 (one-time fee)

Sketch was developed back in 2009 and it contains all the basic features a designing application should have. Over the years, it has added more features according to the changing web development and web designing needs. Creating grids, exporting assets into your application and turning them into UI designs, vector modes are examples of some of the features that Sketch has on offer.

Finally you can focus on what you do best: Design.

Overall, Sketch is an incredibly light-weight designing tool which users can leverage to create truly amazing designs and prototypes. It enables users to create pixel-perfect designs with the wide range of vector shapes on offer which also allow for scalability. According to the developers behind Sketch, dimensions, positioning, opacity, blending modes… all the details that really matter in design. Sketch’s Inspector tool lets users fully control these design details to help them create amazing, professional designs effortlessly.

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Wrapping It Up

There you have it. We covered some of the best design tools out there to help you create and deliver incredibly amazing designs. Most of the tools on our list also feature prototyping which makes it easier for web designers to collaborate with team members on a project. We hope that you are able to find a design tool that fits your needs.

Which design tools do you use? Did we miss any of your favorites on our list? Let us know by commenting below!

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