Originally speed paintings were traditional paintings done on a short time budget. When digital art hit the scene for real some years back, the term as we know it was given a more including meaning. The speed paintings we will have a look at today, are painted digitally using mainly Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. The paintings have been shot using screen capture software and turned into time-lapse videos. The work has usually taken a few hours to create and has been speeded up to become a video that is between 3 and a half to 10 minutes long.

50 Awesome Speed Paintings for Your Inspiration

Many of us find inspiration in watching other peoples work. This time you will get to see some of the best speed/time-lapse paintings from YouTube. Starting with nothing, these artists have painted some really amazing pieces. They have been divided into a few different categories. Click the images to see the videos. We hope you can find some inspiration here today!

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