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Curiosity and creativity are two excellent traits to have, especially for geeks and gadget lovers. Pretty much every new phone, gadget and computer has been lovingly and inquisitively ripped open, dissected, probed, enhanced and ultimately, molested for geeky gratification. Not content with the frustratingly limited ‘out of the box’ state, these gamers have shown us what some dedication, creativity and server downtime can achieve.

Warning: If you are the minority who thinks your shiny white Xbox360 case is cool and sleek, you may not feel that way for long – the gamers at Broadband Choices have put together this collection of 50+ incredible console mods.

console-mods-cover 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Amazing Console Mods

Let’s start with the Xbox 360s

As one of the most successful shoot-em up games of the 21st century, this console mod puts your Xbox right in the middle of a battle between red and blue.

console-mods-1 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This is another halo console mod that was sold on eBay and the owner donated the proceeds to charity. The flame coming out of the figurines gun is an awesome touch.

console-mods-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This console mod will really make one’s gaming system stand out from all of the others. With a stunning blue light and a picture of a badass with a gun, this Xbox 360 is great for gaming in the dark.

console-mods-3 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This idea is where video game nerd meets “Pimp My Ride.” This mod is perfect for anyone who would like to play a video game that requires driving while driving in real life.

console-mods-4 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Xbox is an ego pleaser that is great for both gaming and checking your reflection to see how cool you look as you beat all of your friends.

console-mods-5 50+ Amazing Console Mods

As with many other electronics like computers and calculators, it is really cool to see inside of this Xbox 360.

console-mods-6 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This alligator skin Xbox comes with an eye power button and the texture of a fancy suitcase.

console-mods-7 50+ Amazing Console Mods

For fans of the Gears of War line of games, this Xbox 360 case mod turns your gaming console into a true collector’s item.

console-mods-8 50+ Amazing Console Mods

What would a video console mod showcase be without at least a few comic book character themes?

console-mods-9 50+ Amazing Console Mods

The detail that has gone into this Half Life inspired modification deserves a round of applause. Not only does it have the window but also the logos are 3D.

console-mods-11 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Feel like a rockstar in your own home with this mod.

console-mods-12 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This console mod is a great representation of the newer Batman movies and even conveys the horror and eeriness of the movie.

console-mods-13 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Call of Duty Xbox turns your console system into a real replica of a war scene in the desert from the game.

console-mods-14 50+ Amazing Console Mods

While this is not quite the same as a Gameboy or PSP, it is certainly an interesting take on portable gaming.

console-mods-15 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Halo inspired Xbox 360 was hand painted and then sold to the highest bidder on eBay. Talk about fan art!

console-mods-16 50+ Amazing Console Mods

With only a limited number of these “The Beatles: Rock Band” Xbox 360’s made, it’s no wonder that they sell on eBay for over $5,000! Ok, this is not a custom mod but given the demand and popularity, it’s a worthy inclusion.

console-mods-17 50+ Amazing Console Mods

As your console gets hotter, the lights get brighter as a way of showing you that the system may need a rest, and your eyes as well.

console-mods-18 50+ Amazing Console Mods

In honour of the University of Texas, this Xbox 360 features the longhorn as a clear window.

console-mods-19 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Now onto the PS3s

Laptops have made computer games portable, so why shouldn’t console games be portable too?

console-mods-10 50+ Amazing Console Mods

What happens on the PSN, stays on the PSN.

console-mods-20 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Simple but effective blood splatter is just what the PS3 needs.

console-mods-21 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This stunning black and silver homage to Metal Gear Solid 4 is even signed by the series creator, Hideo Kojima.

console-mods-22 50+ Amazing Console Mods

It is true, many gamers get accused of being lazy. This console mod might not do much to disprove that theory.

console-mods-23 50+ Amazing Console Mods

From human to superhuman. This is a concept mod was inspired by Haze and designed for UBISOFT by Butterkneter at Contaminated Case Creations.

console-mods-24 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Damnation Timberclad Steampunk PS3 (a world where modern gadgets still exist but just run on steam) can be done without voiding the console’s warranty.

console-mods-25 50+ Amazing Console Mods

The bullet holes are real and behind is a PS3. Oh, and the ammunition and machete are real too!

console-mods-26 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Introducing the ‘Alien Chestburster Cyborg’ , this is sure to be a hit with any fan of the Aliens franchise.

console-mods-27 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-27-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This has to be one of the best Assassins Creed mods out there – the surrounding extras finish this off perfectly!

console-mods-28 50+ Amazing Console Mods

And to close off the PS3 mods, it has to be this unique console mod. Made by the same guy behind the ‘Aliens Chestburster Cyborg’, this was made as a gift to a friend out of epoxy putty – impressive!

console-mods-29 50+ Amazing Console Mods

The mods don’t stop there

This is for all the times that you may need to play Zelda on NES while you are taking your afternoon jog.

console-mods-30 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Part purse, part Nintendo. Never be bored while waiting in ridiculously long lines at the mall again.

console-mods-31 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This is probably the only insecure NES on the planet. It had to go see one of those doctors and be made to appear as a PlayStation. Traitor…

console-mods-32 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This tribal inspired NES comes complete with “rust”, LED lighting and custom buttons and knobs – Intriguingly odd.

console-mods-33 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Take an adventure in the world of Star Wars on the Millennium Falcon Nintendo 64.

console-mods-34 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This gold coloured NES is a tribute to the 25th birthday of the console.

console-mods-35 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Mario is one of Nintendo’s signature games and this is the famous Peach’s Castle as a Nintendo 64.

console-mods-36 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-36-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

If you are feeling bold, how about this colourful tribal painted Nintendo 64?

console-mods-37 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Even the Wii hasn’t escaped the clutches of the modders

Zelda has built up a name for itself as one of the legends of all RPGs, and with it has come many collectors’ items like this Zelda Nintendo

console-mods-38 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Nintendo Wii was painted after one of the classic comic books, The Incredible Hulk. Sold on eBay in 2008, a portion of the sale price was donated to charity.

console-mods-39 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-39-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-39-3 50+ Amazing Console Mods

A simple and cool Star Wars Nintendo Wii.

console-mods-40 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Wii is dedicated to the Metroid franchise and even comes with a rechargeable stand. Each colour was painstakingly hand mixed and colour matched to achieve Samus’s signature colours.

console-mods-41 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Super Mario Galaxy inspired console complete with 3D figure of Mario himself.

console-mods-42 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Wii lights up to create the mystical and awe-inspiring feel of the Zelda story lines. Psst… You see that sword? Its detachable!

console-mods-43 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This Wii is blingin’ and would be a great addition to any room. This gold plated Nintendo Wii was given to the Queen as a PR stunt.

console-mods-44 50+ Amazing Console Mods

With CDs it is easier to make cross-console compatibility where newer versions can play older games. Here is a Nintendo fan’s attempt to solve this problem and it looks pretty interesting.

console-mods-45 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This custom Super Mario inspired Wii even has the remote in a pipe holder!

console-mods-46 50+ Amazing Console Mods

Do you ever worry that your console will overheat with the amount of gaming you do? Then worry no more with this custom milled water cooled Nintendo Wii.

console-mods-47 50+ Amazing Console Mods

The long forgotten Sega Dreamcast

You would never know that a Dreamcast was lurking under this Millennium Falcon.

console-mods-48 50+ Amazing Console Mods

And finally, two ultimate console mods

This is genius! Brian De Vitis managed to fit eight different consoles into this life-size R2-D2 model. Not only did he include a built-in sound system but this ultimate mod features a head-mounted projector, just like the real R2!

console-mods-49 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-49-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

This is the 4-in-1 Atari 2600 / NES / Genesis / Super NES, known as the Super Genintari or AKA “Leviticus”. This impressive mod has been built by Richard DaLuz of www.stupidfingers.com, also the creator of the Nintoaster.

console-mods-50 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-50-2 50+ Amazing Console Mods

console-mods-50-3 50+ Amazing Console Mods


We hope you have enjoyed seeing what curious and creative people do with their game consoles. Do you appreciate the effort put into these mods?

Please let us know which of the above mods is your favorite, and also share your opinions and links to other modified consoles in the section below.

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