We certainly don’t use as much physical stationery these days as we have done in the past. It is quite possible that if your business is mainly conducted online, you may use no more than 25 letterheads each year, whereas only a few years ago you could possibly have used that many each day! That is why it is important for logo design to be able to transcend from web to print and vice versa. However, you may still have the need for business cards, and when you go to visit a potential client, it is important that they want to look at your card and want to keep it.

The best way of achieving this is to make it really something to look at! The stationery budget that was once possibly restrictive should be far less so now, so you can push the boat out a little and wow with your business cards. So this collection of inspirational business card designs doesn’t pay a lot of attention to logos and layout, rather, shape, materials used, effects, etc.

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