The ancient art of origami paper folding is a precise and delicate art form. The word “origami” literally means “paper folding.” In the art of origami the artist would create a single animal or shape from a sheet of paper using precise folds and creases. In origami logos you can see what a good designer can do with just the suggestion of a piece of paper. In logo design it has become a trend to use not only a replica of origami pieces but also the suggestion of origami in letterforms and abstract images.

33 Inspirational and Creative Origami Logos

Origami can represent precision, delicacy, imagination and attention to detail whilst also suggesting shapes, objects, animals and letters. In this regard, the ancient art of paper folding has become such a versatile tool that it can be used in many ways in many logos. Origami logos can be broken down into three groups, animals and people, letterforms and abstract shapes.

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