Making wallpapers is a true art form. They come in all shapes and forms that might make you drool, smile, feel sad or stunned. You’ve probably seen a few collections of wallpapers around the web, but actually collecting them can be quite a task, especially if you seek to find some that aren’t all about 3d, nature, sunsets, movies or animals.

29 Wallpapers That Will Make You Smile

These are a couple of cute wallpapers that might brighten up your day a little and make you smile! They were not chosen to make you fall off your chair laughing, but to make you grin during a hard day at work. Sometimes a smile can change everything. Enjoy!

Social Network
Social Network Wallpapers

Furry Wallpapers

Tarsier Wallpapers

Little Problem Green
Green Wallpapers

A Bug
Bug Wallpapers

The Reality of Life
Life Wallpapers

Ram Wallpapers

Starfish Wallpapers

Ahhh Relationships
Relationships Wallpapers

Giraffe Wallpapers

The Art Of Freelancing
Freelancing Wallpapers

Don’t Panic
Panic Wallpapers

Kiwi kiwi
Kiwi Wallpapers

Chameleon 2
Chameleon Wallpapers

Hm – Elephants
Elephants Wallpapers

Sup Wallpapers

Ice Age 2
Iceage Wallpapers

Funny Wallpapers

What Have You Done?
What Wallpapers

Charming Prince
Charming Wallpapers

Boom Wallpapers

Maybe It’s Over To The Left
Left Wallpapers

How Cars Are Made
Cars Wallpapers

Number 3
Number3 Wallpapers

Headshot Wallpapers

The Opiated Wallpaper
Opiated Wallpapers

Dance Wallpapers

Mario Love
Mario Wallpapers

Selfillumination Wallpapers

Set Your Wallpaper

Have you chosen any of the wallpapers above to use? The next time when you are in front of your computer feeling annoyed,  minimize all the windows and have a look at your wallpaper. It might be able to calm you down.

Leave a comment and let us know which one you like the best. Do you have any favourites that is not shown above? Please share it with us!

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