I have done this digital nomad thing once before. I am about to do it again for at least 6 months. I’m trying to be smart about it this time.

On my next trip, I will be freelancing to support my travels. I’ve gathered a list of amazing tool I am using to make sure my next trip is as smooth as possible as far as my working conditions go.  It’s important for me to be connected and communicate with my clients at all times.

It’s also important for me to be a fantastic hire for them and doing a great job. All these tools have helped me already in one way or another when setting up myself up to freelance so far. This is all before I actually left to travel. I’m hoping to keep using them when I officially leave for my trip next week as well.

Let’s get started with Duolingo!

01. Duolingo


Use Duolingo to pick up a few words if you’re traveling to a new location. If you know you’ll be spending a few months in South America it will go a long way to learn a few things in Spanish. It’s polite for the locals but also useful for you.

02. Headspace


Headspace is great on keeping you sane. The app helps you learn how to meditate by using 10 minutes of your day. It’s super important to have a clear head. This app helps your mind stay healthy while you try to something crazy like juggle a job while traveling full time.

03. Coach.me


Use Coach.me if you’re looking to learn a skill while you’re out there exploring the world. I best recommend it if you need a mentor to learn something professionally related like learning how to code or write better.

04. Hitlist


For those of you who enjoy taking last minute trips, this app is for you. It brings you a list of cheap round trip flights at most about a month in advance. The flights are determined by the cheapest price and vary in length from 3 days to even 28 days.

05. Hola


Hola is very, very, very important if you want unrestricted access to the internet no matter where you are. Hola is a VPN provider which allows you to surf the web in countries where certain websites are banned or censored. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to get on social media in Vietnam, you know that it’s a big pain. But, Hola will make it happen for you.

06. idonethis


idonethis is an app that helps keep track of the progress of your team members by providing a daily check in. It will alert anyone else if you’re stuck and need help. Or, it can let everyone on your team know that you’re on track and it’s smooth sailing for you.

07. Solo


Solo is a project tracking tool for freelancers. Think of it as your assistant that helps ensure everything’s running smoothly. The app comes with a bunch of features like time tracking, analytics, invoicing and even expenses related to each project. It’s a godsend when you’re working on multiple things at once.

08. Mint


Sometimes it can be really hard to stick to a budget. Being a nomad means moving around and experiencing different things. Mint is a great tool to keep track of your credit and debit card spendings. It’s especially helpful if you haven’t gotten used to the how far of the local currency goes yet.

09. Nomad List


If you’re doing this whole digital nomad thing alone fear not, there is a whole community out there of like-minded people. Nomad List is worth every penny. It gives you access to a whole community of digital nomads that you can ask for help or to hang out with.

10. Travelistly


If you’re very into travel I suggest checking out Travelistly. It’s a small community which posts beautiful videos of different locations as well as blog posts of all sorts related to traveling too. If you need to find your next exotic and fantastic destination this is definitely a place to start looking.

11. Working Nomads


If you are looking for a remote position Working Nomads is a great bookmark to have. It’s an online job board dedicated to remote friendly positions.

You will find all sorts of jobs on there from full time to contacts and even internships. There are a variety of industries so it’s not limited to just web development or web design either.

12. AngelList


AngelList is another great resource to look for remote positions with startups. It also has a lot of on-site positions at startups all over the world including the Australia, India, and the Czech Republic. They have different positions ranging from web designer to customer support and than some.

13. The Freelancer


For those of you freelancing, I suggest following Paul Jarvis’ podcast The Freelancer. The podcast is quick, sweet and to the point. There are a variety of different topics covered ranging from how to price yourself to how to give a notice.

14. Google Fi


If you plan on being in a lot of various countries, it’s important to always be connected. I found buying a sim card per country annoying because it’s important for me to have the same phone number and be reachable by my friends, clients, and family. Google Fi is an international cell phone plan that lets me pay only for the data I use and is free as far as texting and calling go.

15. Instabridge


This app is a lifesaver when looking for wifi in public places. The app tracks your location to give you a list of wifi connections and their passwords. It’s a community run app that works all over the world including Europe, Africa, and Asia.

16. Day One


I think it’s important to keep a journal while traveling. Day One is the coolest because it keeps track of your location, the music you were listening to and even if you were driving or on a train. It’s a fantastic app to help you keep track of your journey. It’s even better when you want to open it and reminisce about your past adventures.

17. Asana


Asana is another app that will help you stay organized. It works well if you’re working by yourself, on a team or with a client. It has many features that you can use depending on how you like to organize your work. Without having an office, it’s nice to have a great tool online.

18. Nodesk



Nodesk is a giant repository of resources specifically for digital nomads. They have all sorts of things like great book suggestions, coworking listings, and travel tools. If you’re looking for some suggestions on staying healthy, they have that too. There are a lot of useful links on this website, check it out.

19. PackPoint


If you’re not sure what to back or just want to double check you’ve got everything, PackPoint worth trying. It’s hard to know sometimes what you need to pack for a trip to Italy during the first week on November while you plan on hiking with a baby. This app will tell you exactly what you need.

20. Timely


Timely keeps track of your hours in the background for you while you work. Click a button, let it run in the background and check back in when you’re done working. This way you’re not worried about keeping a timely timesheet, the app does it for you.

21. Flux


Flux automatically adjust the lighting on your monitor depending on the time of the day. Its goal is to help protect your eyes from unnecessary strain. It comes in handy when you open your computer in the middle of the night too so you’re not shocked by a bright and blinding light.

22. Every Time Zone


It’s hard keeping track of people in multiple time zones. This can come in many scenarios such as scheduling a meeting, calling your family or even scheduling travel. Every Time Zone allows you to easily see the time differences across all time zone.

23. TripIt


If you travel a lot or have a lot of itineraries you’ll need an app to keep track of it all. I use TripIt to keep track of my flight and hotel reservations. It’s a godsend when planning a trip or when you have to look up an itinerary quickly.

24. Workfrom


If you prefer to work in an office like a coworking space, use Workfrom. Use the site to search nearby coworking spaces and learn about their location, amenities, hours and even price all at once.

25. Product Hunt


I highly suggest following the different postings on Product Hunt. People come up with all sorts of different product and share it on this site. It’s a great way find useful tools, apps or even books. You never know what might come in handy on your travels.

Are you a digital nomad? What tools do you use?

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