The WIX website building platform serves as one of the most intuitive and popular options on the market.

Yes, it’s perfect for beginners, but the big question is: Can you make a site that actually looks professional?

It’s a reasonable question, since many people assume that WIX is going to not have the capabilities of a system like Squarespace or WordPress. However, with one of the beautiful WIX templates and a little elbow grease, you can develop something truly spectacular.

The best part is that you have hundreds of these templates to choose from. Not only that, but the drag and drop designer on the backend is so simple and intuitive that even a complete beginner can utilize the system. What’s more is that developers have found it to be pretty darn effective, considering you also have access to more advanced tools, and coding modules.

Since many of us have seen commercials for WIX on TV, it’s fresh in our minds as one of the first places to check out when starting to design a website. However, inspiration isn’t always at its peak levels when you’re constructing your barbershop, restaurant, or clothing company site.

Therefore, we put together a list with examples of unique sites using WIX. This way you can come back to see what other webmasters have done with the exact same tools you’re using.

01. The Darzi Clothing Company


The Darzi Clothing Company offers clothing with Indian and English roots, and the website is not only an online store, but it has some wonderful colors and imagery to make the brand work well. A large parallax slider starts off the homepage, while the social media buttons reside in the footer. The store has quick view buttons and zoom-in capabilities to help out the people who are shopping.

02. Seven Grams Caffe

seven grammes

The Seven Grams Caffe website is one of our favorite picks for cafes and restaurants, since it provides a stunning fullscreen image that explains what the cafe is all about. When you scroll down you’ll see several other modules with widescreen imagery and overlaying text. This is a onepage layout with testimonials, social media buttons and image galleries all on a single page. Not to mention, customers can book for catering if they want.

03. Good Feeling Goods

Good Feeling Goods

The Good Feeling Goods website has a full online shop with a shopping bag icon in the upper right hand corner. This indicates how many products are currently in the shopping bag, so a user can click on this at anytime. The email address signup form is worth noting for those looking for a feature like that, while the blog provides imagery and information about the products sold.

04. Leandro Pedretti

Leandro Pedretti

Check out the Leandro Pedretti website if you’re interested in making an online presence with a beautiful portfolio. The header has a full video and overlaying social media buttons, and the services are presented in columns with icons. We particularly enjoy the portfolio, since each thumbnail image is organized into a grid, and users can click through to see more information.

05. Hygiena Thermal Hotel

Hygiena Thermal Hotel

The Hygiena Thermal Hotel has a solid example of a website with a booking module. This could be used for hotels and restaurants. The spa asks when people would like to check in and out, and you can punch in how many people plan on coming. A few other pages are included, but overall that’s the main structure of the website. Along with email marketing and social media, it’s a great example to look at.

06. Klude and Ryan

klude and ryan

The Klude and Ryan website has more than just flair, since it’s an example of a modern look with beautiful movements. You don’t necessarily need to show everything right off the bat, so if you’re interested in having a simple logo on top of a large image, this is a wonderful website to look at.

07. Carla Vives

Carla Vives

Here’s yet another portfolio to look at. The site doesn’t do much on the homepage, but you can see that a large image remains in the background, while the menu is there for sending people to different places. Once you get to the portfolio, it’s a beautiful grid with large images. Each of these lead to a full blog post for talking about more information or for including additional imagery.


Beacha Swimwear

Beacha Swimwear

The Beacha Swimwear online presence is a WIX site with beauty and color, and it really tells a story when you scroll down to see the parallax effects, overlaying imagery and call to action buttons. One thing to take note of is the customer service tab, which includes an FAQ, email form, map and contact information. This is all wrapped into a solid design with a sleek shopping cart as well.

09. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs is a football freestyler, and he does a wonderful job of introducing himself with a large image. The booking button resides on the header, and when you go down a bit on the homepage you’ll see a large video playing as one of the modules. along with more videos below and tons of imagery, this is a wonderful example of how to get creative with your portfolio.

10. French Knot Studios

French Knot Studios

The French Knot Studios website had everything from elegance to color, with a stunning image slideshow right off the bat to some quotes at the bottom to get people intrigued about the company. The social media buttons are located towards the top of the site, and the portfolio is structured in a way that shows off information about the photos right underneath the thumbnails.

11. Hernan Parra

Hernan Parra

Consider looking at the Hernan Parra portfolio if you need a taste of what a digital designer makes from a WIX website. The frontpage is a representation of what the designer’s desk looks like, and the portfolio goes onto reveal an onslaught of thumbnail images that look great when scrolled through. This is one of the simplest of portfolios we have on the list, but social media buttons and an About page are often all you need.

12. Animal Music

Animal Music

The Animal Music example is one of the more impressive portfolios presented, considering the entire portfolio takes up the majority of the space on the homepage. There’s not even any space for text to go, since you go through the large thumbnails to see different posts types such as videos, images and more. We like the fact that the social media buttons stick around on the left, so people can follow you along at anytime.

13. Andrea Mmiranda

Andrea Mmiranda

The Andrea Mmiranda site presents a whole shop full of interesting jewelry. The majority of the theme is filled with white space to keep eyes on the content, while the the product pages offer drop down menus for explaining materials, specifications and returns.

14. Sonja van Duelmen

Sonja van Duelmen

Here’s a portfolio that’s jam packed with projects. It’s a solid example of what you can do with WIX if you need to fit dozens or hundreds of items onto a portfolio at once. The contact form towards the bottom of the page is rather impressive, since it includes an image of the articles, About information and a form for people to get in contact with her.

15. John Harris Wedding Films

John Harris Wedding Films

If you sell photographs or videos, this is a decent WIX website to take a gander at. The header is somewhat modern, and it provides a white background to place the header image on top of. They have a Meet the Team area with a simple picture of the people who work behind the scenes. Along with tabs for pricing, contact information and venues, this is one simple, yet effective website.

16. Samsik


Restaurants should take a look at this WIX example, since it provides a module towards the top that features several pictures of the food served at the restaurant. Ordering online is easy for users, since the eCommerce functionality works just fine for restaurants as well. We also think that all restaurants should have a menu with imagery and pricing.

17. The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

The Hand Dyed Shoe Company sells artsy shoes, and a full collection can be found by clicking on one of the buttons in the navigational menu. The cart icon at the top is going to keep people informed about how much they are spending, while the blog is sure to get people interested in the brand while also boosting search engine rankings.

18. Stahl Ross

Stahl Ross

Stahl Ross sells bikes, and it’s definitely one of the more professional looking designs we could find from WIX. Not only does it have clean lines and beautiful slider imagery, but the showroom is presented on the homepage for people to quickly check out the different styles of bikes available. Some social media buttons are sprinkled in there, but the main reason we like this is because of the alternating imagery and text throughout the homepage.

19. Jellyfish & Co

Jellyfish & Co

The main thing I like about the Jellyfish & Co website is the shop. It doesn’t have a ton of products, but they are presented in a reasonable fashion with beautiful thumbnail images and pricing information below them. The images get swapped when a user scrolls over the thumbnail, and the product pages have sizes, colors and quantities to show that WIX can support product variations.

20. Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri

Who says that you can’t sell anything online? Selling flowers online was once considered unthinkable, but now many companies are doing just that. The Mon Cheri website has a parallax effect similar to some of the other options on this list. In addition, you can find lightbox popups that reveal themselves whenever an item is clicked on. We think it’s once of the cleaner designs from WIX, and the logo certainly presents itself right away.

21. Jin Wu Koon

Jin Wu Koon

Here’s a martial arts business that includes social media buttons and a beautiful banner image right at the top of the site. Promotions are shown with this image, and you can even find a button that asks people to Join Now. The classes are organized in a grid-format, while the calendar is presented so that everyone knows when they can come into the facility.

22. Bake You Happy

Bake You Happy

The Bake You Happy site is both playful and professional, with the two navigational menus and some interesting graphics towards the top to show off awards. Ordering is done through the online shop, while they even have gift idea through the blog. The main purpose of the company is to sell cupcakes and custom cakes, but they also show off their other services like birthday parties.

23. Linda Franzosi

Linda Franzosi

Linda Franzosi talks about who she is right from the start. This is an effective move since she is a storyteller and designer. The books in the background give you a feel of her brand, while the social media buttons are situated in a nice place for getting more followers.

24. Liam Rinat

Liam Rinat

Liam Rinat takes a WIX template and turns it into something unique, yet clean and simple. The navigational menu consists of only three buttons. So people can go to the portfolio, contact form or the homepage. The portfolio is actually featured on the homepage as well, so users shouldn’t have any problems getting to it.

25. Olive’secret


The Olive’secret company peddles organic sun care products, and the main area that stands out is the announcement banner at the top. This company uses the banner to talk about how all orders get free shipping if customers pay a certain amount of money. However, you have the ability to try anything with the banner in WIX.


WIX has lots to offer in terms of power and simplicity, so it’s nice to see that so many webmasters are having success with it. If you would like to share your WIX website design, feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

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