Squarespace is by far one of the newest website building platforms out there, but that doesn’t mean the company hasn’t made waves when it comes to helping out customers who would like to launch online stores, blogs and business websites.

Overall, Squarespace has made its name by providing some of the most beautiful templates on the market. They’re that darn good. Each of the themes come with essentials like social media, blogging, sliders, and more. You can upgrade to run a complete online store, and did we mention the designs are incredible?

As a media-focused website design platform, it’s no wonder that thousands of companies have turned to Squarespace for their website building needs. From schools to online magazines, and tech companies to food bloggers, Squarespace has just about everything you could want. The best part is that the interface, both front and back, is the sleekest out there.

Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to look at some of the best examples of unique sites using Squarespace. Feel free to bookmark these for inspiration, and come back to these when you come across a feature that you’re not sure works with Squarespace. It just might surprise you with how much functionality is included.

01. Marina Abramovic Institute

Marina Abramovic Institute

Starting out the list we have the Marina Abramovic Institute website, which displays a hard focus on media. The large slider takes up the majority of the home screen, while a second slider is just below that for showing off projects. Video, social media buttons and blog posts are all shown on the homepage, and they even have a simple Donation button on one of the pages.

02. Mario Hugo


The Mario Hugo website is a great example for those trying to make a portfolio with the Squarespace platform. The website has a smattering of thumbnail images, all of which lead to a larger page with a possible description for the job. It’s not anything crazy, but it certainly has the elegance and flair that you would expect from a Squarespace site.

03. Let’s Move Active Schools

Let's Move Active Schools

The Let’s Move Active Schools movement is all about improving how much kids remain active throughout the day. We really enjoy the large icons on the homepage, giving you an example of what types of alternative visuals are possible. In addition, the full width video is something that just about every company should utilize.

04. Contently


Contently has a stunning online magazine, similar to that of Vice. Some parallax effects are included for grabbing attention, while when you scroll down to see more content it switches between imagery and content. So if you wanted to start reading an article directly from the homepage, that would be completely possible.

05. Tokyobike New York

Tokyobike New York

The Tokyobike New York brand sells items made for bikes. For example, you can go on the website and find bike locks if you’re worried about your bike getting stolen. The large header and slider presents the most recent products, while the contact information at the bottom includes an embedded map. The online store is rather impressive, and you can see that product variations are available.

06. Fast Company Innovation Festival

Fast Company Innovation Festival

Here’s a wonderful example if you’re attempting to spread the word about an event. The Fast Company Innovation Festival website has a live blog and past events along with a full system for people to go on there and buy tickets. This shows how you can distribute tickets and get money through payment processors.

07. Wet Desert Expeditions

Wet Desert Expeditions

The Wet Desert Expeditions provides a fullscreen image, showing how Squarespace supports large, high resolution images of all types. The blog fonts bring in more conversions, while the social media buttons are there for improving your reach to people all over the world.

08. A+I


This is a similar layout as the website we talked about above, yet it has a beautiful fullscreen slider instead. The grid-based informational page is there for people to see what the firm is all about, while the projects are organized in a clean and professional format.

09. Freemans Restaurant

Freemans Restaurant

The Freemans Restaurant site gives us a solid look into what a food joint can do with Squarespace. Hours and menus are all listed on the homepage, but the best part is that they are all overlaying on top of imagery. So, for example, one of the menus can be seen atop a beautiful image of one of the drinks from the bar.

10. COOL HUNTING Omakase


Check out the COOL HUNTING Omakase website if you’re interested in designing a system that supports a box-shipping company. You’ll notice that this direct-to-consumer box product still works well through the Squarespace system, and they talk about the steps you have to go through to get your box in the mail. This box is for limited edition gifts, but the options are endless.

11. #girlboss Foundation


The #girlboss Foundation collects money for guiding women through the worlds of business, arts and other industries. The design is playful and professional, and the menu is shrunk down to a consolidated scroll-over item in the left hand corner. Donations are possible, and the site lets you punch in your email address for receiving a newsletter.

12. Rodarte


Rodarte sells clothing, and the style and overall look of the website is exactly what a fashion company can achieve through Squarespace. The rapid-fire slider grabs attention and shows people the most recent styles, while the social media buttons at the bottom are pretty much the only other elements on the homepage.

13. Darren Booth

Darren Booth

Darren Booth knows how to make a portfolio with Squarespace, as you’ll see with the grid-based layout he has constructed. A blog is also on the website for sharing information with clients, and you’ll notice some social media buttons at the bottom as well. We also enjoy that the illustrator provides a store for people to buy items.

14. PICA Things We Love

PICA Things We Love

Take a look at the PICA Things We Love website if you’re trying to develop a portfolio or a simple collection of media items. The overall style is modern and creative, with links to all the digital prints presented on the website.

This is also an eCommerce site, so the user can go on there and select what size print they would like delivered to their home.

15. Surface Mag


The Surface Mag site covers everything from art to design, and it has tons of white space throughout the layout to put most of the focus on the content. The subscribe to newsletter module is one of the elements that you can find with Squarespace, and the featured images for the blog are beautiful for getting people to click through and read your content.

16. Lyft Blog


A complex system like Lyft is not going to be able to run on Squarespace, but its blog can. The blog serves as a wonderful example of how you can integrate Squarespace with an existing website. For example, you may have an eCommerce store and want to get a more creative blog, as opposed to something you might find through WIX or Weebly.

17. Collective Quarterly


The Collective Quarterly site is another magazine, but it has some unique elements that make us want to share it with all of you. To start, the newsletter subscription form is actually at the top, and you can see that this is where the social media buttons are as well. This gives you a wonderful idea as to how you can move items around the Squarespace interface.



The MASA NYC site provides music upon landing on the page. You can set this up through the platform for a podcast or radio show, or even consider playing some music if you’d like to get your website off to the right start. A large video module is also there for showing off some of the sushi chefs doing what they do best.

19. Jeff Cannata

Jeff Cannata

The Jeff Cannata blog and portfolio is one of the less modern looking websites on the list, but it still does a pretty good job of showing off some unique Squarespace features. For example, a sidebar is provided for listing ads and most recent blog posts. You’ll also notice that social media widgets are available, similar to how WordPress allows these.

20. Alder


The Alder site shows only a simple photo and some social media buttons on the homepage. A quick message is provided, but that’s pretty much all it needs. Users can scroll to the menu at the bottom, where they’ll find buttons for galleries, menus, news and contact information.

21. Hodinkee


The Hodinkee site includes a wide range of modules that are unique to Squarespace. The standout feature is the large, fullscreen header, which moves out of the way in a creative fashion when a user scrolls down to view more. Upon scrolling down you’ll see a full blog with beautiful and huge imagery. A newsletter subscription form is provided as well.

22. R29 Creative

R29 Creative

The R29 Creative website reveals how overlaying text and buttons work with the large header. This is essential if you’d like to have a call to action right out of the gate. It’s also nice because the company provides social media buttons for expanding the social platform. When you move on past the homepage a huge portfolio shows up, with imagery and videos being the primary elements.

23. V Magazine


V Magazine presents an unusual spread for the online magazine. You’ll see an impressive slider, along with a long list of the most recent blog posts on the site. A shopping cart is there for users who would like to signup for the magazine, yet the most impressive feature ties into the various sliders they have along the homepage. For example, they have a slider with the top stories, complimented by thumbnail imagery and links.

24. The Car Crush

The Car Crush

The The Car Crush is a blog all about cars, and the stylish header gives you a good idea as to what you can do with your own Squarespace website. A search tab is provided at the top, and several links for social media pages are towards the bottom, but the primary focus on the site is the centered blog.

25. LAICALE Soho Hair Salon

LAICALE Soho Hair Salon

The LAICALE Soho Hair Salon includes several parallax backgrounds on the homepage. And it gives a sneak peek into what the hair salon looks like on a regular day. The social media buttons remain visible at all times, which would definitely come in handy for a hair styling company. Along with testimonials, an Instagram gallery and more, the LAICALE Soho Hair Salon website is certainly one that you could take inspiration from.


Now that you’ve had a chance to look at some of the coolest Squarespace examples online, let us know if you’re aware of any other beautiful designs built off the same platform. Feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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