If you’re in the process of creating and designing a WordPress website, have a look at these 25 creative designs. I’m sure they will inspire you to make something amazing.

Even if you’re not dealing with a WordPress site directly, have a look anyways. I enjoy putting together these posts are they are filled with some fantastic design. I love being surrounded by beautiful websites. It really does help me create more creative and more fantastic designs.

01. Build in Amsterdam


Build in Amsterdam is a creative agency specializing in branding and eCommerce. You can clearly see the extent of their creativity in their portfolio. Their case study page has a lot of cool interactions like the faux horizontal scrolling and subtle animations on hover.

02. The Cool Club


My favorite part of this design is the scrolling effect. I like that the different artist sections bobble. I love the animation effect that changes the curved background into a straight line.

And, most of all, I love that when you scroll onto Prince, he winks at you. The design of the Cool Club’s home page is so well throughout. So many great details.

03. Mt. Cuba Center


The website for this botanical garden is amazing. There is a great use of typography on the rare occasion that a section is not made up of photos of videos.

Additionally, the website is filled with so many different colors like purple or green. The photos are really great quality as well! They are all sorts of bursts of colors throughout too.

04. NightShift


Nightshift is a company that believes in innovations, creativity and the talent of their designers. The top of their home page is a quick video real of their past work.

The video content is high definition and made up of fun little bits. It’s an amazing introduction to the rest of their wonderful website.

05. Smith


Smith is actually a website for a law and attorney firm from Atlanta. I don’t know about you, but I do not see that many well-designed law firms. The design is very dark and very serious.

There is a recurring theme on the site about continuing the fight with the imagery and quotes. Again, unlike most law firms.

06. Startup Lab


Startup Lab is a startup accelerator with a lovely website. The design is light, thanks to their generous use of white space.

Most of the colors on the page are light too, with little bits of accented red. It’s a delightful website to browse through.

07. Melville



Melville is a furniture design company. I am in love with the orderly but overlapping layout. I’m a huge fan when design elements overlap and aren’t in the perfect 960 grid. It’s much more interesting when you overlap elements or mis-align them. It gets a visitor’s attention right away.

08. Draft


Draft is another example of a design with an atypical layout. Draft’s design relies on a few different typefaces, a lot of photos and colors as accents.

The attention to detail here is high. Otherwise, the design would quickly look like a mess.

09. Ben Pearce


Don’t let the screenshot of Ben’s portfolio deter you. The design has a pink background and is filled with beautiful photographs of his sculptures.

When you hover over a piece the animation is a little unexpected but appreciated. It’s something different. The portfolio really shows the creativity of the sculptor, Ben.

10. Wrk


I’ve been in love with the portfolio of wrk for a long time. The colors, the layout, the typography and the graphics are just perfect. Better yet, the animations and interactions.

On the home page itself, I enjoy hovering over the different squares because the animation of the lines is too much fun. You don’t see that often in web interactions. It’s lovely!

11. Yoan Chevjon


The transitions between the section as you scroll are really cool. The background image zooms out of the browser, the content changes to the next section and the next photo zooms back in. That’s creative.

12. Papazian


The design of Papazian is sleek, elegant and modern. It’s pretty stylish. The design uses background Photography in a unique way. However, the cold accents are extraordinary. The gold signature and the logo have different shades. It is definitely handwritten and it looks fantastic.

13. The Forecaster


The Forecaster is an interesting take on online news. It’s styled like an actual newspaper. Most news websites look like blogs.

The layout, typography and colors of The Forecaster look like a digital copy of a newspaper. It’s a creative take on delivering news for sure.

14. Compliments


Compliments is a home goods online retailer with a simple yet beautiful website. Their products and the design of their website are very light and airy.

It’s only fair that their website looks like this. Clean, simple with little bits of color was the right design choice.

15. Endeavour Capital


Endeavour Capital doesn’t have the most exciting design. But, there is one element which I felt deserved it a mention. The headers of the pages are fantastic.

There is a light use of a pattern too. There are different typography colors as well. The navy blue, crisp white and slightly golden yellow work very well together. It’s a really nice header design.

16. Eginstill


Alright, as you scroll down Eginstill the images animate slightly. It’s such a nice design detail. It makes scrolling and engaging with the content on Eginstill easier.

It makes the content interesting and not all that static. Why are most website contents static with such an animated and interactive medium like the web?

17. Cienne


Cienne is a fashion retailer with a great website design. The design uses all sorts of colors for backgrounds and typography. It’s a colorful design filled with personality.

They are a trendy and global fashion retailer. It only makes sense for their website to be the same.

18. Stupid


Here we have another creative agency. Their home page is a good initial example of their creativity too. Stupid knows how to use layout and layer different elements on top of one another.

The design of their website shows good attention to detail.

19. Brdr. Kruger.


Brdr. Kruger. sells all sorts of wooden furniture. They also sell wooden toys. Their designs are modern and classy. Their website design is too. The design is not afraid to use color or layout.

There are so many different sections, small and large, depicting various features of their products. It’s a whole lot of fun to “window shop” on their site.

20. Sisters of the Black Moon


SOTBM uses a lot of black in their design, among other dark colors. It’s nothing something you see everything, including for a fashion retailer. But it makes sense simple with the name of their business.

They make good use of the darkness of their color. It helps create the appropriate atmosphere on their website.

21. Lavish Alice


Lavish Alice has a simple web design. Yet, it’s filled with small little touches that take the website experience up a notch.

For instance, the slight animation of items that fade in as you scroll. It’s really not a big deal but it makes the website a lot more enjoyable.

22. Huzi


Huzi sells beautiful wooden toys. Their website is extremely minimalistic. It’s mostly made up of giant pictures of their products.

It works very well for them. There is little distractions. There is little question about the products they offer. The minimal approach lets the high quality and craftsmanship of their products stand out.

23. RSQ


RSQ is a digital agency that knows how to get a visitor’s attention. Their home page is mainly black and white. It’s quite different than most agencies.

They also use big and bold typography. It’s captivating to get on their website. It’s not what you’d expect from a digital agency. It works well for selling their message.

24. Letterwine


Letterwine sells wine bottles with lettering on them. It’s can be a fun product at parties and events. Their website is clean, simple and minimal.

It showcases their wine bottles and the different letters. There is little fuss about anything here.

25. Form.


I love the design of Form. They use the grid almost religiously. It’s used well. I also appreciate the little pastel blocks of color. It makes thing interesting.

The design reuses different elements to create an orderly design. For instance, all the colored blocks are for text only. It’s a really pleasant and well-done design.

That’s all there is. How did you enjoy these 25 creative designs of WordPress websites?

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