Finding fonts for logos can be a difficult task to accomplish efficiently. There are thousands of free and premium fonts available on the web, and you don’t exactly have the skills or time to create a logo from scratch. That’s what this list is for.

Let’s go through a list of some of the best premium fonts you can use to create stunning new logos, among other types of designs.

This list contains fonts from such markets as HypeForType, Creative Market, GraphicRiver and FontShop. We’ve listed them by price, featuring the least expensive font first and ascending upward in cost from there.

Let’s get started.

01. Seren Script

Fonts for Logos Seren Script

Seren Script is a script font by Typefaith. The font has an elegant design and a striking appearance, so much so that it’s ideal for public viewing on t-shirts, other merchandise and anything that requires branding. This font has an OpenType layout, allowing you to position glyphs wherever you want them to be.

Price: Starting at $8.64.

02. Diadema


Diadema is a sans-serif font by Chrisworks Design. The font combines vintage elegance and simplicity with modern curves to create a unique font that can be used for a variety of different purposes, including simple logo designs and headings in articles. This font is available in TrueType TTF format.

Price: Starting at $9.00.

03. Softhand Script

Softhand Script

Softhand Script is script font by Abogawat. The font offers a perfect balance between simple and cursive styles, creating a style that’s elegant yet clearly legible. The font makes for a simple logo, but its elegant style gives it that ever-so-bold touch it needs to catch the eyes of a brand’s customers.

Price: Starting at $9.00.

04. Dejavu


Dejavu is a display font by Deep Blue. The font represents “time shift where left shift represents the past, solid letter represents the present and right shift represents the future.” The font comes in three different styles, each one offering different variations of the shift. The font is available as an OpenType OTF file.

Price: Starting at $11.00.

05. Veneer

Veneer Logo

Veneer is a letterpress font by Yellow Design Studio. It combines the simplicity of vintage fonts with a rough, grunge-like appearance, creating a font ideal for logos and eye-catching advertisements. The font comes in a variety of different styles and includes a large set of glyphs.

Price: Starting at $11.52.

06. MOAM Typeface

MOAM Typeface

MOAM Typeface is a sans-serif font by Nawras Khrais. The font is simple yet bold, allowing you to create stunning logos without needing to get too crazy. This typeface comes in three different styles, the main style you see above, an engraved style and a slim style. It also comes with plenty of glyphs for you to use. Font files include TrueType TTF and OpenType OTF.

Price: Starting at $12.00.

07. Oregon


Oregon is a simple sans-serif font by Mark van Leeuwen. The font gains inspiration from vintage designs and uses modern clean, minimalist styles to create a font that’s simple yet bold. It can be used for a variety of different purposes, including logos and headings in editorials.

Price: Starting at $12.00.

08. Revelation


Revelation is a sans-serif, stencil-type font designed by Sunny Tudu. This font is simple, and it looks no different than any other all-uppercase, sans-serif font out there at first glance. However, you’ll find the stencil-style to be a creatively unique feature upon closer inspection as it gives the font that extra pizazz it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Price: Starting at $12.00.

09. Typometry Pro

Typometry Pro

Typometry Pro is a display typeface by Emil Kozole. It combines retro styles with the minimalist styles many designs today have, a combination that creates a stunning typographic design. This font is perfect for creating custom logos, but it can also be used to create unique designs on advertisements and editorials.

Price: Starting at $14.40.

10. Eveleth


Eveleth is a letterpress font by Yellow Design Studio. It features 3 different sub-families and comes in 16 different styles, which you can purchase all at once for $38.88. Every sub-family includes a few bonus “spurs,” which you can see in the preview image above, that give this font a truly vintage appeal.

Price: Starting at $15.84.

11. Stone Harbour

Stone Harbour

Stone Harbour is a script font by Nicky Laatz. The font combines script styles with the sloppy yet bold appeal of dry erase markers. The brush script font comes in two different styles and includes a set of swashes, such as the one beneath the font name in the image above.

Price: Starting at $18.00.

12. Suargie


Suargie is a brush script font by Surotype. The font features a bold and elegant style, which inspired its name as “suargie” is Japanese for “Heaven.” Suargie is an ideal choice for logos, given its brush script appeal, and it even comes in a variety of different styles to give you plenty of opportunities to create a number of different designs with a single font.

Price: Starting at $20.00.

13. Estilo Text Light SC


Estilo is a simple, minimalist font by Dino dos Santos of DSType. The font comes in 11 different styles and 2 packages. If you do not purchase a package, you must purchase each style individually. The font’s Text Light SC style is an ideal choice for sites and brands going for minimalist designs on their websites, branding and advertisements.

Price: Starting at $24.00.

14. The Wallington Pro

The Wallington Pro

The Wallington Pro is a decorative-serif font that embodies “vintage and elegant curves with functional structure.” The font was designed by Indonesian-based designer Zeune Ink Foundry. The font comes in two basic styles, one in uppercase and the other in standard case. Overall, the font has 721 glyphs, 268 unique ligatures and 10 stylistic sets.

Price: Starting at $24.00.

15. The Art Deco Bundle

Art Deco Bundle

The Art Deco Bundle is a bundle of 4 typeface sets and 3 badge sets by Tugcu Design Co. The typefaces and badges available in this bundle can be combined to create a variety of different logo designs that have vintage styles mixed with modern minimalist tones. The designer has chosen which styles to feature in this bundle carefully, ensuring each style matches the other, though you can purchase each of these sets individually as well.

Price: Starting at $29.

16. Arx


Arx is an intricate display typeface by Superfried. The word “arx” can be translated into “citadel” in Latin, making it a name inspired by the font’s classic design. The English pronunciation of the word sounds like “arcs,” describing the sharp curves that exist in each glyph. The font was designed for use on a large scale, making it an ideal option for large advertisements.

Price: Starting at $36 for both styles.

17. FF Cocon Regular

FF Cocon

This font was designed by Evert Bloemsma of FontFont. It comes in 18 different styles, but you’ll need to purchase each one separately for $55 or buy the entire family for a one-time fee. The designer recommends using the font for anything that requires branding, whether it be logos on advertising and packaging or within editorial platforms.

Price: Starting at $55.

18. Salamat


Salamat is a script font by Joluvian, a designer from Sudtipos, a design studio ran by Alejandro Paul. The font draws inspiration from a variety of different calligraphic styles. It all started with a simple brush stroke and transformed into what it is now a variety of different “swash capitals, contextual ligatures, ascending and descending, starting and ending letters.”

Price: Starting at $59.

19. Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie is a script font by Sudtipos. The font draws inspiration from the designer’s Candy Script script font. It uses round-to-sharp concepts, which the designer says “echoes the concept of the clean brush scripts found in the different film type processes of the late 1960s and early 1970s.” Overall, the font has a striking appearance that catches the eye while managing to remain simple.

Price: Starting at $79.

20. Calgary Script

Calgary Script

Calgary Script is another script font by Sudtipos. This one was inspired by a “Welcome to Calgary” sign in Calgary, Canada, a sign that featured brush script lettering. The designer combined this inspiration with their extensive knowledge of American sign painting to create a typeface that has a “true supermarket spin.”

Price: Starting at $99.

21. Nanami Pro

Nanami Pro

Nanami Pro is the successor to Nanami and Nanami Rounded. In fact, this font combines everything those fonts have to offer and offers bold and beautiful display fonts perfect for logos and headings of any kind. It was created by Thinkdust. You’ll find 18 different styles for this font, all of which are available through a single purchase. You’ll also enjoy over 450 glyphs.

Price: Starting at $199.00.

22. Intro Rust Font Pack

Intro Rust

The Intro Rust font pack offers a simple way to create stunning logos. You can purchase styles individually, but the purpose of this font, as demonstrated in the image above, is to combine one style with another to create contrast in an elegant manner. This includes combining the font’s letterpress and script styles.

Price: Starting at $41.76 per style. $417.60 for the entire pack.

Final Thoughts

Designing new logos for clients on a regular basis can get pretty hectic, and designing your own logo can be nearly impossible for some. Using custom-made, premium fonts from reputable graphic designers is among the simplest ways to design new logos in no time.

Just make sure you choose a font that not only represents you and your brand but also possesses the ability to capture the attention of anyone who glances at it. Social media has never been more prevelant. Your logo and advertisements just may be how potential customers experience your brand for the very first time, and you want to leave a good impression.

We hope you like this list of fonts for logos. Pop your own favorites into the comments!

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