Sahifa WordPress Theme is the #1 highest selling blog & magazine theme on Themeforest, where it sells exclusively. A clean and modern Magazine theme, Sahifa is used by more than 4,000 websites among the top million web pages on the internet. Developed by TieLabs, Sahifa is one of the most popular WordPress theme across all niches.

Stats aside, it is the features and functionalities that are packed into Sahifa which makes it a favorite. To begin with, Sahifa theme brings one-click customization right into your WordPress Admin panel. The easy customization options like blog fonts, layouts and color schemes, available right in your Admin Panel helps you focus more on content and less on tweaking the design of your blog.

About Sahifa Review

The theme comes packed with multiple blocks and layouts which can be used to modify your homepage through the drag-and-drop TiePage Builder. Users can switch between three layouts – Boxed, Framed, and Wide.

Integration with WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress makes it easy to extend the functionality of your blog/magazine. Also included are $74 worth of plugins like Lightbox, Sticky Sidebar, custom buttons, and an Instagram plugin. Custom sliders, 35 custom widgets, custom backgrounds, support for RTL languages, custom shortcodes, and Ajax live search are some of the amazing features of Sahifa that make it popular among WordPress users.

Being Responsive and Mobile ready, this theme allows users to access your blog on any screen size, without facing any resizing issue. The responsive feature can be turned off. For users, it means that their readers can access the magazine from any device. Sahifa works with all operating systems and browsers.

If your blog features content across a wide range of categories, you will be glad that Mega menu is included, so readers can find content on your WordPress without difficulty. Support for custom icons, post views counter, a breaking news section, and a built-in review system will make your WordPress a full-featured online magazine.

To get a better understanding of how powerful this theme is, it would a good idea to get a glimpse of how folks on the internet have been using the theme for their online magazines/blogs.

01. SmallBizTrends

A popular blog on the internet, Small Business Trends uses the custom colors of Sahifa to instill the brand’s personality. The Sticky Mega menu and the Trending topics on the site give it a professional business magazine look.

SmallBizTrends_SI 1

Links to social media and some other links are also provided in an accent bar at the top of the blog through the breadcrumb navigation. This business magazine makes use of the custom widgets like popular topics and polls to provide a better experience to their online readers.

02. Joe.My.God.

Joe. My. God. is a blog that focuses on the little-discussed and controversial topics like the LGBT communities, Elections, and Politics. This blog makes use of the minimalistic main menu feature of Sahifa instead of the Mega menu. The blog maintains an overall minimalistic look.


So you can see that although the theme comes feature-packed, you can tone it down by doing away with the features you do not require for your blog. The theme carries word-tags in the footer to allow readers to move directly to some of the more topical subjects on the blog. The sidebar space is almost entirely devoted to advertisements.

03. The Black Peppercorn

Tempting small images of food and a pepper shake adjacent to the name of the website in the header leave you in no doubt what this website is all about. The Black Peppercorn contains a whole lot of mouth watering recipes neatly displayed one below the other.

The Black PepperCorn

Each recipe can be shared using the social icons that appear alongside them. The space in the sidebar and the space just above the footer is offered as adspace. Product reviews and Giveaways of kitchen appliances on a food related website appears to be sound marketing strategy.

04. Defense Review

Defense Review is a portal where readers can keep themselves informed of the latest events and trends relating to the defense industry.

Defense Review

The Sidebar extends beyond the main content area. It is content heavy, with space for advertising, links to a blogger network, their list of content partners and similar stuff. The layout is boxed and is set against the backdrop of heavy military equipment.

05. Load The Game

Load The Game is a true treat for a gaming enthusiast. The website prides itself on objective journalism in the gaming arena. All game platforms are covered and this is the place for latest reviews and previews and breaking news concerning games.

Load The Game

Trending game news is placed on a slider at the bottom. The header sports an innovative logo – a joystick and an underlining horizontal bar that shows the progress of loading a game.

06. We Hate Malware

All computer users detest malware that posts a security threat to their systems. We Hate Malware helps computer users keep abreast of malware concerns and provides tips and tricks to keep their devices safe. The website retains a whole lot of white space.

We Hate Malware

You can access content from the sidebar which also carries social icons for sharing. The Comments are also placed in the sidebar, so a reader gets to view instantly what other readers are saying.

07. Government

Government does not use much color on its site. It employs predominantly black text against a white background. It provides valuable information to persons who are in the business of undertaking government contracts.

Government Contract

Almost the only color on the site comes from the social icons that appear at a few places on the website. Breadcrumbs and a scroll to the top make navigation easier on this site.

08. Earth’s Friends

A website devoted to promoting ‘eco friendly and environmentally conscious living’, Earth’s Friends uses green color and a wooden background for the boxed layout to convey an earthy feel.

Earth's Friends

With sections for family, animals, climate, living and health, almost all aspects of eco friendly living are covered. Articles that are to be highlighted are placed in a slider below the menu.

09. SmallCarWeekly

The first thing that strikes you about SmallCarWeekly is its neatness. The sharp red lines demarcating sections enhance the well organized feel.

Small Car Weekly

Most of the content is taken away from the homepage to the other webpages, but the Mega menu will help readers browse easily and find what they want. Featured video and Member’s login are located conveniently in the sidebar.

10. Hir.Ma

Hir.Ma is one of the most popular news websites in Hungary that is built with Sahifa. This news portal uses the sticky sidebar, the header breadcrumb navigation and the Mega menu to help readers navigate the website. An undecided reader can hit the Random Article icon on the menu bar.


Featured articles are carried on the homepage and a simple footer has been retained. The pages are rather long to scroll down to the end, and here the reader is helped by the Back to the Top button.

11. is a website portal that covers all of the latest financial tips and tricks of the trade. The header features an advertisement prominently, but an option is given to dismiss the advertisement.


The blog features a simplified footer and the sidebar has the sticky feature turned off. The sidebar displays recent and popular articles as well as a subscription box. To know what is moving the financial world at any moment, a reader can check out the breaking news section that appears at the top of the homepage, below the Mega menu.

12. MidWestOpenWheel

MidWestOpenWheel uses a dark skinned background against a Tyre tread, to display photographs, videos, and schedules for upcoming events in connection with the sport of car racing.


You can subscribe to their mailing list from the sidebar. The footer alone sports a different color and merely carries copyright info.


This South Korea-based startup news portal is another one of the top business websites that use the Sahifa WordPress theme. puts the header breadcrumb navigation and the mega menu that comes with Sahifa to good use. Although the portal does not use the sticky menu or the sticky sidebar features, they’ve made use of the full-featured footer to carry tweets, images and a small description about Platum itself.

As on date, the content heavy blog contains 799 pages of article leads. That’s a lot of startup stories for an interested reader to immerse himself in.

14. InGovtJob

InGovtJob is a popular web portal that covers news and information on Government Jobs and recruitment exams conducted across India. The Mega menu has been used to categorize the jobs into different categories, and states, so that the search for a job is simplified. The sidebar is also packed with info about jobs, while space for ads has been carved out in the footer.


This site uses a white colored background quite uniformly with colored call to action buttons giving a pleasing look for a mundane subject like jobs.

15. BDCricTeam

BDCricTeam is one of the most popular websites in Bangladesh covering news and information about the world of cricket and particularly the Bangladeshi team. The portal uses a boxed layout, and a cricket pitch serves as the perfect background. Upcoming match fixtures and video clips of past games find a conspicuous place on the homepage.


With the use of Mega menu, breaking news, header breadcrumb navigation and a full-featured footer navigation features of Sahifa the portal has garnered an amazing follower support and internet presence.

16. WorldInsidePictures

WorldInsidePictures is a popular web blog on the internet that believes that ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. This website has used some of the amazing features of Sahifa to carry forward this message.


A sticky Mega menu, custom background, homepage featured articles, sidebar plugins, and a simplified footer navigation layout are some of the features of Sahifa that have been enabled on the website.

17. GoingAwesomePlaces

GoingAwesomePlaces is a much followed travel weblog that offers some great travel tips, tricks, travel deals and hotel reviews. The website makes use of the homepage slider instead of the static featured articles widget. Delayed flyin advertisement popup from the right side and a subscription box that slides in from the left can grab the attention of a reader.


Other cool features of Sahifa that have been used are the sidebar plugins for social sharing, searching for hotels and the Instagrammy widget. All of these features paired with a custom background and color scheme have made this website a fine example for Sahifa.

18. TechRaptor

TechRaptor is a gaming weblog on the internet that is built with Sahifa. The boxed layout, as well as the background against which it is set are both dark skinned. Characteristic green color lines separating the various sections impart a distinctive look to the website.


Homepage featured slider shares info bits about games and the trivia surrounding them. A sticky social sharing plugin baked into the theme can vastly increase the number of social shares by visitors.

19. TheCaller

TheCaller is a news website in Greece and it makes use of a highly customized version of Sahifa. As is natural for a newspaper, this website is content heavy. The boxed layout and the neatly laid out arrangement of articles ensure that it does not appear cluttered.


Both the header and the footer are brightly colored with a signature logo occupying the central space in both. If a reader clicks on any article to read further, a box will slide out from the right to help the reader find a related article to move on to.

20. Photography-DG

Photography-DG, a website devoted to photography, uses Sahifa to showcase some cool photography and related articles. The Menu drops down to display not only sub menu items, but also striking photographs against these items. The text overlay over the images below the menu catches a visitors attention with minimal animation effects.


This portal also makes use of the Sahifa theme’s seamless WooCommerce integration to sell their own audio and video courses on Photography and editing.

And Finally

That rounds off my list. I trust I have left readers with a fair idea of how versatile Sahifa is. The RTL feature makes it a hit with websites using RTL languages as well. If you have come across any particularly interesting website that uses Sahifa, let us know in the Comments below.

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