I am in love with mobile design. When it’s done well, it’s too good! I’ve gathered here a lot of some of my favourite apps that are not only useful but beautiful. Mobile design can post a big challenge. I don’t use many apps on my phone. Too many of them are not well executed. The small screen is not always ideal for creating a useful and seamless application. Some products use this contain to their advantage.

Good designs leverage the tiny screen real estate to make an uncomplicated and easy app. Some apps are truly fantastic. I’ve gathered a lengthy list of well-designed mobile apps. Check out this list; I’m sure you will find something that you like too. Almost all of these apps are free too – a great bonus. I linked to both iOS and Android download links. Let’s get started!

1. Headspace (free)


Headspace is a multiplatform software that helps people meditate. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus, among many other benefits. The app is widely praised all over the internet. They even have a quote from Emma Watson praising it, as well. What I love about the app is its design style. The language is real, and a bit funny. The UI design is light, friendly and all around pleasant.

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2. Sleep Cycle (free)


Sleep Cycle is a sleep tracking app that has recently updated its UI. The app is useful in learning about your own sleeping patterns to improve the quality of your sleep. The app also has beautiful dark UI design that is stunning. The use of the accented neon colours like the neon green bars is a nice touch in giving the app some personality, making it prettier and making the graphs distinguishable easily.

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3. One Day Journal (paid)


One Day Journal is a multiplatform diary app. Over the years, the app expanded its features which make the app smart and useful. The user experience of this app is phenomenal because you can save the location of your entry by default, the mode of transportation if it detected you moving at a higher speed. It’s extremely good at keeping note of your situation when you’re jotting down your journal entry. It can even save the song you were listening to.

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4. Automatic (free)


Automatic is a car adapter that lets you keep a closer eye on your car. It can help notify you about maintenance issues like low oil. It can also improve your driving habits as well. Automatic’s mobile app is great too. The visual are clean and easy to distinguish. The graphs are helpful too. It shows you all sort of important information with ease.

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5. Keezy (free)


Keezy is a super fun music game. Keezy is great app whether you’re looking to have a little bit of fun or entertain your kids. The interface is so dumb and so simple – I love it. The design is very primary and it works so well! It doesn’t distract you with unnecessary UI elements, it just lets you play and have fun. I wish more apps were this straightforward.

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6. Snapseed (free)


Snapseed is a mobile photo editing app. If you’re into mobile photography, I highly recommend this app. It has a lot of features but it’s also stunning and beautiful. The design of this app is very modern; you can easily see this by the rectangular shapes, slim fonts, and overall minimalist design. The app doesn’t feel cluttered even though it does have many editing features.

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7. Qapital (free)


Qapital is an app for keeping track of your savings. The unique thing about Qapital is that you can setup a budget for a specific goal like a new car or a new TV. Whatever you need to save money for. You can even invite people to join in on your saving goals. The product design makes this app amazing.

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8. Digit (free)


Digit is another savings app. It works by removing a certain amount out of your checking account without you really noticing. I love this app for what it’s doing to my savings and its mobile app. The minimalistic design style is stunning and clean. Most banking apps are cluttered and heavy but not Digit.

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9. Shorts (free)


Shorts allows you to browse through your friends’ photo files to see what they have most recently snapped in their Camera Roll. The app has given its users a new way to interact and share moments, memories or adventures with your close friends.

The app tries to get out of the user’s way to let them experience the photos and videos. I love that the application does not interrupt its own purpose.

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10. HotelTonight (free)


HotelTonight lets you book a last-minute room at a hotel for a night or two. I’ve been a big fan of the app for many years now. I am especially a big fan of their dark color scheme.

It makes very good sense for what the product is selling. The design is well executed too; the purple and the black colors are a great choice.

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11. Lifesum (free)


Lifesum is another app for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you achieve various goals. I like it for its use of gradients and colors. They were used throughout the app in small amounts. The use of both is subtle so it doesn’t overwhelm any interaction. There are a few pages with big colorful backgrounds but limited actions which balance out nicely.

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12. Artifact Uprising (free)


Artifact Uprising is a photo printing service. You can order books, calendars, or prints of your own photographs. The provide you with beautiful templates that you can customize and just drop in photos as you please. The end product is a well made, high-quality print. Their mobile app is easy to use and just as stylish as their prints.

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13. iA Writer (paid)


iA Writer is a well know writing app on multiple platforms. I’m a big fan of their minimalism but mostly of their typography; it’s hard to have a mobile app that is both because of the small screen space. Both of the themes, the light and the dark one, use nice shades of white and gray so not to be too bright and too drastic. It’s a very simple but pleasant app to write in. I wish more apps were this to the point.

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14. Poncho (free)


Poncho is a weather app that is overflowing with personality. The app is informative past temperature and cloudy skies; it informs you about possible allergies or transit conditions. Between the colors, the mascot, and its snazzy comments, this weather app takes the cake. The product design here is very much on point; it’s funny and fun to use and not just for the weather updates.

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15. Lola Travel (free)


Lola Travel is an on-demand travel service assistant. Currently, there is a waiting list but if you travel a lot it’s worth the wait. The app has amazing features and it looks great too. The design of this app is simple, which I love. The icons and graphics are friendly. The typography and its line-height were chosen well. A lot fits into the different screens.

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16. sweetgreen (free)


sweetgreen is a mobile app for a salad franchise. Their salads are really good and you can preorder them with their app. My favorite thing about their app is their icons. I can’t get over how awesome they are. The overall design is amazing – the lines are classy and clean. The photographs of ingredients and salads are stunning too.

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17. Days (free)


Days is an event countdown app, albeit it a wedding, a birthday or a vacation. The thing I love the most from this app is the way you fill out a new event.

It’s a bunch of forms, sure, but it doesn’t seem like you’re feeling out one because the inputs don’t look like typical input UIs. I love that you’re just filling out pieces of the event. The user experience of this app is something else. (Yes, that is a photo of Pisa when I’m going to Rome!)

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18. Verse (free)


Verse is a mobile payment app. I recently came across this app and I am in love with its user interface. The numbers are big and bold. The interfaces are simple, to the point and clean. The app could use a little bit more colour but I digress. I am very fond of the app’s simplicity; it really helps the user experience be easy.

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How did you enjoy this list? I hope you got a chance to be inspired. I also hope you found a new favourite app, or two. Let me know if there an app you love that fits this list of useful and well-designed apps and I’ll add it to my next post ?

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