Divi WordPress Theme comes to you from the trusted theme house, Elegant Themes. It is their flagship theme and it has been crafted entirely with user requirements in mind. The theme features will help even WordPress novices to find their way about and to set up their websites. All that is required is a little effort at understanding the theme features and loads of imagination.

What makes Divi popular with WordPress users ? The short answer is – the pre-made layouts and the Divi Builder. Divi packs 20 pre-made layouts that you can pick from as a starting point for your website. The layouts can be completely customized. And whatever your niche, you are likely to find a pre-made layout ready for it.

The Divi Builder is a drag and drop page builder that puts modules and elements at your disposal to build your pages visually, without using any code. The Builder comes with a Live Preview feature, which helps you catch a glimpse of how your website will look before it goes live. If something is amiss, you can make the necessary changes, before your readers can view it. You can also use Divi Builder to design your posts.

For the long answer, you can refer to our Review on Divi. A few features are highlighted here,

  • Divi is completely responsive and can resize to any screen perfectly. The theme has been awarded the Safe Theme Seal by Sucuri, so security concerns are minimized. It is entirely translatable and has already been fully translated into 32 languages.
  • It comes with 46 Content Elements to help build your website. Each element can be modified by adjusting the General settings, and then adjusting the advanced settings for each. You can also use CSS, if you want to put your coding skills to use or if you want to fine tune something to an exact level.
  • To set up the basic layout of your website, you can use the Theme Customizer which has a multitude of design controls. You can also create your own custom layouts and save them for future use. This can be particularly useful for developers.

Divi comes to you as part of a package from Elegant Themes. Three options for membership are available – Personal at $69, Developer at $89 and Lifetime Access at $249. All plans entitle you to all the themes, including Divi from Elegant themes. All the plugins are also included in the Plans, except for the Personal Plan. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

Best Divi Theme Examples

To give you an idea of the kind of themes you can build with Divi, I have lined up 15 websites that have used Divi.

01. knowgoodbeer.com

This is the website of the beer festival held at Charlottesville in Virginia. Don’t be impatient for the website or any of its pages to load. You get poured a mug of beer while waiting.

know good beer

As you scroll down, the header moves from the bottom of the black and white full width image to the top and then remains sticky there. Right from the header, you can volunteer for the festival, get directions, contact the festival organizers or get social using the small icons in the header.

The prominent widget placed at the left on all the pages will let visitors buy a ticket from anywhere on the site. The cards that are accepted is displayed helpfully against the Order Button, so you know your payment options before you hit Pay.

This website finds a place in the official Divi theme showcase.

02. Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is a charity organization that rescues and rehabilitates abused and needy tigers, lions and their kind. The website has many pages, with one page linking to an online shop. All the pages have a white background, except the online shop which sports leopard spots for a background.

Big Cat Rescue

The header is packed with an image of the tiger, the logo of the organization and the address details. You can donate to the charity from multiple places on the website. Some videos of the rescue of tigers can be viewed and you can also buy T-shirts from the sidebar to help a worthy cause.

The main content area is packed with information about the organization and their work. The footer is broad and you can purchase a debit card in the footer or donate with a credit card. SumoMe widget is used to help in list building. To contact the folks at this charity organization, you can click on a sticky pullout button placed on the left.

03. boomtrain.com

Boomtrain are marketing consulting folks who use predictive marketing intelligence to come up with growth strategies for their clients. Updated profiles of users enable them to identify suitable content and deliver the right experiences for each user.


The full screen image on the homepage gives way to a sticky white header as you begin to scroll down the page. A few features of their platform are highlighted on the homepage, but for details on their platform and about the team, a reader will have to open the neatly organized pages. A few of the page heads will be seen only on opening the menu and this keeps the header quite uncluttered.

The website may also enjoy more conversions with the distraction free call to action button for requesting a demo, displayed well at the start and end of the homepage.

04. sites.udel.edu

sites.udel.edu opens up a world of WordPress to students at the University of Delaware. The site can be used by staff at the college to have a web presence for any department or office. Faculty can use it for scheduling classes or for putting out research papers and publicizing them. Registered student organizations and employees of the university can also access this site to set up an online presence.


The website is highly functional with more white space and text, and a total lack of images. The accent bar contains only the login and search functions. The only hint of color in the website comes from the numerous helpful links sprinkled generously all over the website, from the 3 icons in the sidebar and the status indicators in the sidebar on the Help page.

05. blog.overstock.com

This blog is the ‘soul’, the blogging platform of the online shopping portal Overstock.com. The homepage has helpful blog posts relating to both mundane and special subjects. All the posts do not load together and you can click on the Load More option to view more posts on the blog. This will save loading time and speed up the site a bit.

Share Real Moments

The blog images will zoom out a little as the mouse hovers over them, and you can click on them to read further. Readers are encouraged to post pictures of routine and monumental moments in their life and share these real moments with others.

The broad header sports a full screen image in hues that merge into one another. The page headings are placed in a narrow horizontal strip just below the header. The accent bar that is found at both ends of the page – above the header and below the footer, carries nothing except social icons.

A visitor to the blog can access the shopping portal from the homepage.

06. Dateyard

Dateyard is an enabler for dating sites. By joining Dateyard, the bother of running the website is taken away. At the same time, the traffic to your website is increased and your affiliate income also rises. Full width images on a slider explain quite clearly the business model that this website adopts.


Image icons have been used to list the services offered. The names of some dating websites who are already members are displayed. The website uses muted and pleasant colors with calming images, blending romance and business in one place.

07. Pin-n-Tell

Pin-n-Tell is a place where any body can share pins and posts, and if you have a tale to tell, you can say that as well on this website.


The website has a white background to provide an ideal setting for the pins that are posted. About half the page is occupied by a white header that holds the page headings. The header shrinks as you move, to accommodate the pins. A social bar is placed to the left and viewers can access many social channels from here. Viewers can access the shopping cart from the accent bar at the top, as well as a few social icons.

The homepage has pins and posts arranged in a boxed layout, but the other pages have a sidebar to the right providing space for advertisements and encouraging viewers to share their tales and pins. Thought not stated anywhere to be a women oriented website, the pages convey a feminine feel to them using colors, images and typography.

08. Margarita Island

Visit Margarita Island is an enticing website that tempts you to take a vacation in this beautiful Caribbean Island. A perfect getaway for a budget holiday, the activities that are possible here are captured in stunning images that are placed on a slider.

Margarita Island Vacation

The website sports a boxed layout with the sands of the beach framing the box. The imagery used is evocative of the beach and the seaside. The space in the sidebar to the right is shared by advertisements in the top half and tourist friendly information in the lower half. The same information can also be accessed from the neat drop down menu in the header.

The pages are thoughtfully organized, keeping the tourist requirement in mind. For instance the accommodations page, lists the hotels and resorts and guest houses with their photographs and the map with directions for reaching them. Ditto for the restaurant options, which page is also informative.

09. Hope Restored

Hope Restored has their tagline Focus On The Family taken to the accent bar right at the top of the page, so a visitor instantly gets to know that the website is about family and relationships. The site is geared towards helping couples experiencing marital distress, and the contact number is placed at the top in the accent bar to make it easier for couples to decide to reach out to them for help.

Hope Restored

A contact form and a toll free number is also carried prominently on every page. The site is fuss free and has a testimonials page where couples have shared their experiences.

10. Teresay

Teresay is the blogging platform of Teresa Martinez, a well known name among the blogging community. She blogs about a variety of subjects and has slotted them into six categories, each of which finds a place on the header. A sidebar to the right carries the archives, and in some pages the sidebar carries advertisements and videos.


The homepage has been designed thoughtfully. The drawing board background, pencils and the odd pieces of stationery lying around gives the impression of a project that is as yet a work in progress. Five sliders that carry images relevant to her writing transition on the slider, and the text overlay elaborates what the images are intended to convey.

The blogs are carried in a three column layout below the full width image and you can always search the archives in the sidebar for any particular topic.

11. Paleo Grubs Book

Paleo Grubs Book is a recipe book that is available only in its online avatar. An equivalent hard cover bound book would have raised the cost of the book too high, and so the online only option.

FireShoPaleo Grubs Book

The book contains over 470 recipes that cover meal plans for 10 weeks. The meals are healthy, easy to prepare and will leave you feeling energetic. The website content is all contained in one page, with a delicious, tempting full screen image at the top. A three minute video highlighting the benefits of the book in an engaging manner is placed below the image.

The names of some recipes in the book, the bonus added for purchasing the book, testimonials from users, return of money if not satisfied and a few FAQs, all manage to find a place in the single page. And of course, you can order for the book from the page. A scroll to the top button on the website would have been a thoughtful touch.

12. Lemonade Design

Lemonade Design offers website designing and branding services. This Divi based website has conspicuously branded its own website using lemon yellow color wherever appropriate.

Lemonade Design

A slider on the homepage moves only text overlay to show the services offered by the firm, the full width image in the background adding depth and remaining constant throughout. The website is divided into horizontal sections that display designs and latest posts. The footer is broad and dark and contains contact information.

The blog page has a pop out subscription form that will fly out as you near the bottom of the page. Helpful Back to the Top buttons are seen on all the pages.

13. Angry Moose Ice Cream

What better method to portray an ice cream website than photographs? Angry Moose Ice Creams uses photographs effectively to tempt viewers with delightful photographs of their sorbets and ice creams. Although the product range is limited and the blog has not been updated for quite awhile, the website is included in this list for the simple uncluttered layout and pleasant colors.

Angry Moose Icecream

All the pages are structured in a boxed layout with dark borders. The header is pale in color, and the menu items and logo are centered in the header. A sidebar to the right will allow access to any blog post from the archives (though they are really few in number).

There is an interesting story behind the name Angry Moose and you can read it in the About Me section.

14. Windsor Bergen Academy

Windsor Bergen Academy has been set up to nurture children with behavioral and attention disorders in a caring environment. As the website includes children among its viewers, it uses bright colors. The background is a bright yellow with information contained in neat white boxes. The fonts used are also a little like a child’s handwriting.

Windsor Bergen Academy

In the sidebar to the right you will find information about the important dates that children should keep track of and the learning programs offered by the school. A map just above the footer will help a visitor find his way to the school easily.

The website is packed with loads of information, but there is absolutely no clutter as everything is neatly organized and spaced out. The detailed drop down menu and the scroll to the top button makes navigation easy and finding what you want should not be difficult on this website.

15. Sally Parkes Yoga

Sally Parkes is a trained yoga instructor and conducts yoga classes for teachers and students, reaching out to them on her website. All contact details like email id, working hours are placed prominently in the header and in the footer.

Sally Parkes

The various courses she offers and the numerous references to her school in the press are set out in the full width slider on the homepage. The predominant color on the website is shades of mauve, with the edges to the boxed layout also shaded in this color. Bright green call to action buttons and neat text is laid on a white background. From the sidebar, one can get information about upcoming classes, gift vouchers and read her tweets.

Social icons are conspicuous in the footer. The images on the website can persuade even reluctant persons to sign up for the classes.

To Conclude

The websites above will give you an idea of the possibilities with Divi. From Universities and academies to ice cream shops and tourist destinations, any business or blog can pick the versatile Divi as the framework for their website.

Do let us know if you come across any interesting example to add to this list.

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