It’s not always obvious to look for websites made with specific platforms or software. I’m making this list for those of you looking to see what is possible to build with WordPress in the first place.

These are 15 websites that I’m sure you didn’t realize were actually built with WordPress.

They showcase beautiful designs and also amazing products too. Let’s get inspired by what websites were built with WordPress.

01. Tobias van Schneider’s Desk

Tobias is a pretty well known, and greatly respected, designer. For a long time down, Tobias has been sharing insightful articles about design theories, career, etc.

Today, these articles are available on his website and it’s looking good. I like the personal style of this website. It shows that WordPress designs don’t have to be cookie cutter at all.

02. Icon 54


For all the designers out there, Icon 54 is a large icon repository. They sell all sorts of high-quality icons. Their website is interesting because it’s mostly black and white.

They use a great layout with a different section. The sections are interesting and well formatted. The typeface choices were excellent too. I love the big and bold headings they use throughout the website. Most importantly, it’s built with WordPress.

03. Antenne Books


Antenne Books is an independent publishers distributor. They sell all sorts of beautiful books published by a variety of authors on a variety of topics.

Not only are the books they are selling presented well, their website is fantastic. It’s very colorful and bold. It’s not like most book selling websites. It’s a fantastic example of what is possible when you get creative with your design. WordPress is a flexible and easily customizable platform. This is just one example.

04. Les Partisanes

When I first landed on Les Partisanes, I was immediately impressed. The design is simple and clean. It’s calm, nice, and inviting. I like that there is little clutter, if any. I like the subtle animations as your scroll down the home page. The good thing is they happen only once, not every time you scroll up and down. That’s a really nice design detail.

05. Moment Lense


This is a place for mobile photography lovers. Moment Lense is a small add-on lens for your mobile phones. It’s there to make your phone into a better camera on the go. It’s a neat little gadget. They also sell phone accessories like cases, straps, or lens caps.

The design is clean which is perfect when you’re trying to sell a quality product. Their lenses and accessories are not that inexpensive. I like their no frills product pages – direct and clear. Again, this clean website was built with WordPress.

6. Vers


Vers sells beautifully crafted speakers, both from a design and engineering perspective. The company believes high-quality design by using high-quality materials like gorgeous reclaimed wood. The website for Vers is fantastic too.

You can clearly get a sense of their craftsmanship with the way they talk about their products. They focus on the materials they use, on the users’ experience with the speakers and the quality of the audio sound. It’s not a complicated website. It works very well to get their message across.



ALLT sells amazing and stunning home items. They sell small items like stone rings made of granite or quartz. But, they also sell bigger furniture pieces like tiled carpet sets. Some of their small kitchen accessories are fantastic like a bamboo or granite cutting boards.

The quality of design of their products is phenomenal. ALLT clearly has an eye for aesthetic design. The website is very light and the photography is super elegant. This website design goes to show that you can build with WordPress something stunning and light without much problem.

8. Cereal


Pairing photography with stories, Cereal is a magazine that explores the most amazing and elegant places, people and things. They are a printed magazine.

Each one of their magazines is beautifully designed. Cereal is built with WordPress, of course. Their website is actually pretty minimal. Like in their magazines, they are letting the photographs do the talking. The use a lot of light colors and shades on their website.

9. Ink+Volt


Ink+Volt sells notebooks which help people set, plan and track their goals. Their website uses a lot of small design details to bring their website to life.

The simplest of things can make for a good design. In the case of Ink+Volt, it’s their hover states, the labels over images, and microcopy. “Customer high fives” instead of “What our customers have to say about us” is so much more pleasant. Although copy has little to do with the platform you’re making your websites with, it’s still a good thing to keep in the back of your mind.

10. Grovemade


Grovemade sells wooden desk accessories. Their website focuses on showing off the craftsmanship of their products. The website uses a little color. It’s mostly white, gray and black. But it’s also filled with many close-up photos of their accessories.

It shows off the little details of their amazing creations. The website uses a straightforward layout. It’s really nothing fancy but it still looks great! This is another example of a fantastic design with a simple design.

11. Ugmonk


Ugmonk was created eight years ago by a web designer with a side hobby. The company mainly sells t-shirts but there are other apparel items and accessories too.

The website design is really good. Most notably, the design feels spacious. There is plenty of space between elements. The photos are big. The typography is larger than most websites too. It feels easy to browse Ugmonk’s catalog.

12. Wooden Dot


I don’t know what it is about wooden products that yield beautiful websites. But, here is one more. I enjoy Wooden Dot’s website design because it’s pretty simple at first glance.

Then you notice the little details that make the design creative. For instance, the gifs of product images. They show how you’d open a coffee table. It’s not something you see every day, especially on a home page. Again, this has little to do with the fact the website is built with WordPress. But, it goes to show how little design details can transform a design into something interesting and different.

13. Molly & Me Pecans


In all honesty, this website is nothing special. Compared to some example on this list, it doesn’t stand out too much. The reason I’m including it here is to give you an example of something obvious. It’s easy to make a design like this with WordPress. Not every website needs to be high end, sleek, and ultra modern.

This website does a great job explaining what Molly & Me Pecans sells. The photos of the beautiful package design is a great way to draw people in. In this example, a little can go a long way for a small business that needs a little online exposure.

14. Form.


Form. is a big repository of office furniture. There are lights, chairs, desks and even cabinets. I enjoy this website because their products page is phenomenal. I’m certain it goes on forever because I’ve scrolled in awe for 10 minutes and more and more products kept on popping up.

Some items are in a square, some in a horizontal rectangle. The photos feature just the item against the same light gray background. The hover state is each different color with the name of the product. It’s a fun website with a lot of good looking furniture pieces. The design of the products page is top notch.


There are so many different things you can design and build with WordPress. It all boils down to your imagination. Don’t let the framework or platform limit you.

Building website with WordPress is very easy. It’s an extremely flexible platform.

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