I have been traveling extensively for the last three years. I am currently planning a much larger trip of at least 6 months where I will combine backpacking with living abroad.

Over the years, I’ve picked up a bunch of tricks for making travel easier and having the right set of apps definitely helps. Because I am a designer by trade, I have picked my own list of amazing apps.

If you’re a traveler, you will appreciate these apps for their utility. If you’re a designer you will appreciate them for their good design, either UI or UX. The apps vary from helping you save money to help you spend it. Let’s get started with some eye pleasing designs!

01. Hopper (iOS / Android)


Hopper is one of the few apps I use for finding a good flight deal. Of them all, it is the most visually appealing. Their visual style is pleasant and friendly. It’s not too professional and cold. Their use of colour as an accent is well coordinated.

I enjoy the use of green, yellow and blue to help indicate flight prices on various dates. It makes the comprehension so much easier than having to look at numbers. I like how clutter free the application is. It definitely comes in handy when I am flexible about my flight times.

02. Steller (iOS / Android)


I really got into Steller two years ago during my first long trip. I found it a nice way to create a short photo story about my adventure.

I also enjoyed it to help me get inspired about other people’s adventure. I also like that Steller is not limited to travel; I found plenty of DIYs and cooking recipes too. It’s a really fun app to help you kill some time. The quality of photography in the app is top notch too?? ! I have a harder time looking away from Steller than I do from Instagram.

03. Qapital (iOS / Android)


I recently fell in love with this savings app. I love that you can set financial goals to like saving 100 bucks for new shoes. I’m using it so save $400 to dine at a Michelin Star restaurant in France and to save $350 to stay a night at a Marina Bay in Singapore.

I’m also a big fan of the various ways you can save. You can set to save change from each transaction, or a set amount each day or save $1+ each day. It’s very helpful in helping to achieve my various traveling goals.

If you want to help a girl out, here is an affiliate link that will get both of us five bucks for you joining ?

04. Duolingo (iOS / Android)


Not only is this an adorable app, it’s effective too. I’ve been improving my Italian with this apps for years. I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in languages and anyone going to a new country as well.

Spending some time learning a few words in Dutch or Spanish can definitely help when you’re spending some time in the country. Locals appreciate when you can say a thing or two in their own language and it doesn’t hurt to know more of them.

In addition to Italian, I’ve been making my way through Spanish and Portuguese. It makes the time go by much smoother on my commutes.

05. Lonely Planet Guides (iOS / Android)


Lonely Planet has so many different resources. they have recently published a mobile app with free city guides. They don’t have too many cities on there yet but they are growing. It’s like their own website but in an app. This way you can use it offline too.

It gives you a glimpse into a city on the go and it’s beautiful too. Lonely Planet’s brand has been improving the quality of their designs. I’m a big fan of their branding. Their new app is another lovely example of their amazing design – and content.

06. GetYourGuide (iOS / Android)


I only recently found GetYourGuide and I’ve been on so many tours and activities with them already. They have an amazing collection of things you can do as you travel.

Most of them have really good prices too. For instance, I’ve booked a bunch of activities for when I’m going to be in Marrakesh and Nice. I strongly suggest checking them out.

At the very least it will give you an idea of what you can do while traveling. How knows, maybe it will inspire you to travel to do a particular activity like camel trekking in Morocco. If you end up buying a tour get the app, it’s much easier to manage your reservations this way.

07. BucketListly (iOS)


If you’re like me, you enjoy completing various adventures. BucketLisly lets you keep a list, update it and check things off. There is a lovely community of people on there who do all sorts of things.

This includes things from traveling for the first time to riding a camel to  spending two weeks backpacking in Sri Lanka. Whatever you’re up to, you’ll find someone who did it or wants to do it too.

It’s a great way step toward being kept accountable. Both, the mobile and web apps are great for looking through all the thing everyone has done to get inspired.

08. Lola (iOS)


I haven’t used this app yet but I’d love to (there is a waiting list). It is one beautiful personal travel agent. I mostly want to give it a try because of it’s UI. Okay fine, I am curious about its artificial intelligence.

I have been skeptical of smart apps like these as they don’t get the most budget friendly of efficient routes. I want to play with it and see if it can help me find better routes, maybe cheaper ones than I can myself.

Trying to score a good layout can be very tedious at times. But, it is also a nicely designed mobile app. So it has that going for it too.

09. HostelWorld (iOS / Android)



If you’re looking for affordable accommodations this is the app for you. As the name suggest, HostelWorld has a lot of hostel listings around the world. I’ve been using them for a very long time to find accommodations from Paris to Bangkok. The good thing is they have so many options!

They don’t only have hostels, they have bungalows, B&Bs, or hotels too. I’ve only booked hostels with them, like a $4 a night hostel in Phuket. What a deal! And it wasn’t even falling apart ? I like their mobile app too. That’s why it is on the list. Navigation around is pretty easy, and it’s handing to have your reservations ready when checking in.

10. HotelTonight (iOSAndroid)


The app doesn’t work all over the world. They have most global cities covered but their main market is in the US. So, for those of you looking for a last minute hotel reservation, this is an app for you. They provide discounted rates for a night or two.

I’ve used it once when I was in Vegas. I got a lovely deal at the Caesar’s Palace. We even had a view of the strip. It was fantastic. I love the app because of their great deals but also because of their UI design.

I like that it’s dark and the fact it has good photos of their listed hotels. If you aren’t too budget conscious there is a good variety of hip and luxurious hotel on there too. Because the hotels come with a discount it might be a nice chance for you to treat yourself for a night. That’s what I ended up doing in Vegas and we didn’t break the bank either.

11. PackPoint (iOS / Android)


Before traveling somewhere it’s good to know what to bring. It’s especially tricky when you’re going to a new location or multiple different locations. I like this app for their friendly look and feel.

I think the use of the light teal is a nice touch. As far as the app itself, they provide you with a packing list depending on your destination. I like how versatile the app is. It asks you what the types of activities you’re into, when you’re going and how long you’re going to be there.

12. Google Translate (iOS / Android)


I do speak English, Polish, and some Italian. I can comprehend Spanish to a decent extent too. But let’s face it, I don’t know everything. Google Translate is the most useful tool of these all. Being stuck in a foreign country can be stressful without knowing their language.

Having to deal with an emergency or not even being able to read a many can be unpleasant. I personally love the photo to translation feature. Download Google Translate and love its ability to make life oh so smoother. I’m also a fan of the simple material design UI used in the app.

Do you travel?

If you travel I’m sure you have come across an app or two that you love too. Do you mind sharing it? Bonus points if it’s a beautiful app or one with amazing UX.

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