10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

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Visitor engagement, user retention and conversion rate are issues that are hard to deal with. But before you start worrying about them, there is still a more important thing you’d have to think about. Traffic. Generating traffic and keeping it constantly coming back is one of the biggest problems bloggers and website owners struggle with. It’s really hard to drive traffic to a website and it’s even harder to keep the constant flaw.

For websites powered by WordPress things seem to be а lot better. Not only WordPress is designed to be very search engine friendly, but there are also a lot of tools out there that can help you to drive more traffic to your website. If you’ve been struggling to grow your website traffic but things just don’t seem to get well, I’m glad you stopped by.

I’ve put up a list of 10 excellent WordPress plugins and WordPress tips that have the potential to improve your site’s traffic for at least twice as much as it was before. So here you have them.

MailChimp WordPress Plugin

With MailChimp WD you can build an extensive email list, grow your visitor base and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. The plugin seamlessly integrates with MailChimp service, and allows you to take full control over your listings, subscription forms and submissions from your site’s dashboard. It allows you to create attractive subscription forms with personal style and design, and lets you add custom fields for PayPal integration, file upload, survey tools and more.

1 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

The plugin supports conditional fields functionality, which allows you to hide/show fields to the subscribers based on the selections they make. There are multiple form display options, such as topbar, scrollbox, pop up. You can also embed the forms into any page or post with a shortcode. The plugin comes with its own advanced emailing options and has a Javascript editor which you can use to write additional Javascript functions.

SumoMe Plugin

SumoMe is a powerful plugin which comes with tools to help you grow your email list, double your website traffic and increase social sharings. The tools it includes are the list builder, welcome mat, heat maps, highlighter, sharing buttons, etc. With its lister builder you can easily build an email list and send beautifully designed newsletters to thousands of interested subscribers.

2 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

Its share buttons are mobile optimized and are proven to increase your pageviews for at least 20%. The plugin supports all popular social networks to maximize the reach of your posts and drive more traffic to your website.

WordPress Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics WD to get stats on your website audience,traffic sources and performance. It will help you improve your traffic by viewing and analyzing where your visitors come from, what technology or browsers they use,what pages or posts they visit the most,etc.

3 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

The plugin allows you to obtain custom reports on specific metrics you’re most interested in.You can also set and manage various goals for tracking targeted activities and compare stats of different periods with each other. The plugin is responsive and comes with a large variety of options and tools to take control of your site’s traffic and make it better.


With Jetpack you can increase your site traffic, speed it up, improve its security and also see how many visits your site gets. It comes with tools like related posts, publicize, enhanced distribution, and social sharing which are great traffic drivers. Also, Jetpack automatically optimizes your site performance,makes it load a lot more faster and ultimately results in a better user experience.

4 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

It monitors your website for security issues and keeps your plugins up to date. Apart from this, Jetpack includes custom CSS, subscription and notification forms, configurable widgets and many other features for a better customization of your site.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a game changer in all things related to website optimization. It allows you to fully optimize your website for better indexing, and as a results it gets more visitors and drives more traffic.

5 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

Yoast SEO helps you to write a better content with targeted keywords, checks your post headings for lengths, helps you write post meta descriptions and checks your content for readability. The plugin has the most advanced XML sitemap functionality, which instantly notifies Google and other search engines about the new posts that you publish on your website.

Monarch Plugin

Monarch makes social sharing easy and will help you drive way more traffic to your site from major social platforms. It supports over 20 social networks and a myriad of locations you can choose to display the buttons.

6 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

Monarch is distinguished with its extensive customization options which allow you to create buttons of any style and design. It also gives you statistics on all your shares, followers, and likes, which you can access any time from your site’s dashboard.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap plugin generates a special sitemap which helps search engines to better index your website and makes it easy to see its structure and content. The plugin supports all types of WordPress generated posts, including custom post types, taxonomies, archives,and authors.

7 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

It notifies Google, Bing and Yahoo about the new content you add on your site. Using this plugin will help you get your content in front of your potential readers and significantly increase
your site’s traffic.


OptinMonster helps you convert visitors into subscribers and is proven to increase the traffic of your site. With its help you can build an extensive list of email subscribers and make sure they will not miss any of your new posts. As a result you site will get more visits and its traffic will surely go high.

8 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

The plugin comes with a drag and drop form builder and lets you create stunning forms with animated effects in just minutes. It also has a tracking functionality to help you measure the results the forms bring.


With CommentLuv plugin you can encourage your community to engage in comments and bring even more traffic to your website. It gives you the necessary tools to fight comment spam, use relevant keywords, integrate twitter links, display a widget with the top commentators and more.

9 10 WordPress Plugins to Double Your Website Traffic

It adds a titled link to the last blog post of the author as they submit a comment to your website. The plugin also gives your site commenters the opportunity to register to your site or join it as a member.

In addition to the cutting edge functionality these plugins are user-friendly and don’t require too much time to set up. Combined with authentic and high quality content they will bring amazing results to your website.

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