More and more digital agencies create websites with the focus on touch-screen devices. However, there are still marvelous and top-notch concepts that work at full capacity only on desktops. Today’s article dedicated to such sort of projects. To be more precise, we are going to pay attention to the solution that is unlikely ever to be adapted to mobile and tablet gadgets – custom mouse cursors.

The trick is easily achieved by adding or altering just one line in the main CSS file. Use the basic property – ‘cursor’ – to make necessary changes. Here, you are not limited in choices. Not only can you employ predefined versions such as progress, text or alias but also make use of whatever image you need or like in order to get rid of the boring and habitual arrow pointer. By transforming the classic mouse cursor into an offbeat and unique visual device you are able to add a nice twist to aesthetics, finish off the theme, improve the functionality, enrich user experience and even make the project more friendly to people that have poor eyesight. We have collected 10 exceptional examples of websites that successfully employ custom mouse cursors.

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