If you are in the market for a hot new date, but everyone you go out with is just plain wrong for you, don’t blame yourself. The problem may simply be that you are picking the wrong dates. Stop chasing after the doctors, the models and the artists. If you want a hot date that will also make a great life partner, user experience and user interface designers should be your number one picks. Here are 10 reasons why user experience and user interface designers make great partners.

Why You Should Date A UX/UI Designer

1. They Are Smart

Not just anyone can be a user experience or user interface designer. UX/UI designers need to have a wide variety of skills, and they need to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, including psychology, software development, project management and graphic design. While they aren’t expected to be an expert in every field, they are often an expert in a few fields and widely versed in many others. UX/UI designers are smart, and smart is sexy.

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