Photoshop Documents (PSDs) are basically Photoshop design file that can be opened and edited in Adobe Photoshop. Other photo editing software, such as GIMP are not able to slice down or recognize all of the properties of a PSD file.

Saving your image file as a PSD means that opening it over and over again to make changes becomes possible without having to start all over again like you would have to with, for instance, a JPEG image file. This is because of its un-coded property of saving your work in layers including transparency, text colors etc.

Simply put, PSD web templates for designing your WordPress site are much more convenient than any other templates.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best sites to find PSD designs and elements to save time so you can focus on what’s important – your site. We’ll also cover a detailed list of design elements each of them has on offer under their mock-ups or design categories so you can easily find what you need and go to the site directly without having to spend long hours deciding what to do.

Let’s get right to it!

Note: Not all of the sites in this post are for commercial use. We’ve highlighted them within the text.

01. Creative Tim


If you’re in search of a design that you wouldn’t normally find in PSD templates then Creative Tim gives you just that. With its fully coded and incredible design resources including UI kits, premium Bootstrap UI kit pro, templates and snippets all built with Bootstrap to boost your front-end development, and a premium Bootstrap admin template, Rubik presentation page, data table snippet, a coming soon page, rotating CSS card, nav bar with icons, date picker snippet, ‘Feedback from’ snippet, Login/Register snippet, and a calendar snippet, you won’t fall short of design elements for your site any time soon.

Creative Tim is quite popular when it comes to a one-stop site for PSD designs and their designs can be used for both commercial and personal use.

02. PixelBuddha


PixelBuddha is a regularly updated PSD design and elements site that offers a great deal of products that vary. It provides you with both free and premium products based on your use – personal or commercial. The site’s free products range includes an Elton UI Kit giving you incredible widget based components to help you make your work convenient, along with the other basic effects such as fonts setting, icon, and mock-ups.

Premium products include V Avenue UI Kit, Vanilla UI, basic flat icon set, Horizon Mobile UI Kit, ballicons, original icons, show and tell, and so much more for professional web developers.

03. ApplyPixels


Apply pixels has downloadable and evolving templates and UI kits with tutorial videos and articles. Every month there’s new resources added to the library while existing templates are kept up to date.

Created Danish designer Michael Flarup, Apply Pixels is perfect place to find templates and UI Kits, for Photoshop & Sketch.

04. GraphicRiver


GraphicRiver provides you with the best design resources, you can find in the market. This includes icons, fonts, images, illustrators, logos, vector, presentations, infographics, flyers, and brochures.

05. Pixeden


Pixeden gives you amazing free and premium offers on the best mock-ups with drag and drop options, creating designs in the easiest way and still receiving excellent results. Moreover, the textures, vast variety of backgrounds, UI kits, and even the text effects are not disappointing.

With all of their designs created with Bootstrap to speed up your development and present beautifully crafted resources to all of you visitors, Pixeden is definitely worth trying out.

06. Graphic Burger


Graphic Burger is all about giving you the best experience when it comes to searching for any graphic or web design resource you might need for your work.

The site will give you the basic components, including UI kits, fabulous mock-ups, icons, backgrounds, and more – both free and premium – depending on your professional or personal use.

07. 365 PSD


From Photos app, 24 icons, Flat UI Kit, Coloristic UI Kit, free business themes, SAGE, Christmas freebies, Designer Desk Essentials, image  screen PSD, gamification Icons, dental icons to premium stock vectors like science, education, park and outdoors is what 365 PSD is all about. The site offers all of the above-mentioned designs and elements and so much more. 365 PSD clearly divides the free and premium design resources and displays them all beautifully on the homepage.

365 PSD is the perfect choice if you’re in search of a lot of different, unique options. You can search for millions of graphics, free or premium, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

08. Freebbble


Freebbble offers the same components that you might find in other sites while looking for the best PSD designs and other items. Aside from the fact that the designs are made by many different Dribbble users, they are quite unique.

Some of the unique PSD designs that I personally find quite impressive (and are hard to find on other sites) include, Flashlight Logo Mark, Business and Social Network Infographics, Free Royal Text Effect, Hello Flat Desktop PSD, Monster TV PSD, Survival Kit, Leather Notebook PSD Freebie, Daniel Wellington illustration, PSD Iron Man Flat Helmet, FujiFilm Cameras, Vinyl Record PSD freebie, iOS 7 blur Effect in Photoshop, Polaroid PSD, PSD Glass Ball, Flip Effect PSD, Compass PSD Freebie, Bubble Photoshop Action, and Minimal Chalkboard.

These are some of the designs that you are highly unlikely to find easily on other sites and there are so many more in store that can help you in both personal and professional use.

09. Mockup Catalog


The word mock-up is thrown around quite a bit when you step into the world of web development and designing. Understanding what a mock-up is isn’t a difficult task but finding the best mock-up designs is the real deal.

Mockup Catalog helps in solving that problem of yours by providing you with amazing mock-ups, excellent PSD designs, and icons. Some of the products it has on offer include PSD iOS contact screen mock-up, envelope mock-up PSD in isometric view, broken Photoshop action, water  Photoshop action, free painting smudge Photoshop action, free split tone Photoshop actions, and Savone free font.

All of these are provided on the homepage with details of each product right below them to help you easily discover what you need to know.

10. Best PSD Freebies


The designs on offer at Best PSD Freebies are quite unusual – in a good way. You will find both free products and premium products listed clearly on the homepage, with backgrounds, Photoshop actions, and other elements on the side.

The best free PSD designs that you might have had to purchase on other sites you will find free on this website. They include all the basic components, icons, buttons, sliders, themes, portfolio, mock-ups, social media, styles, flats, patterns, interface, UI elements, and email.

The free PSD designs category consists of Flat Icon Set, Guess Post, Ultra Sleek Accordion Slider, Vandelay UI Kit, Blitz UI Kit, Sky UI Kit, and Silver UI Kit. And if you are looking for more than these then you can simply navigate to the premium section and purchase other components that you might find more suitable for you. However, free or premium, all of the designs are quite incredible and not what you find in your regular websites while in search of good PSD designs and other elements.

Wrapping It Up

Most of the time, you end up on websites looking for some specific design elements in mind and end up finding more than what you needed. That is luck. But not finding anything close to what you wanted is simply poor research.

We hope that you always find the exact design elements you need to complete your project and offer this list to help you do so. Whether you’re in search of mock-ups or icons for personal use or commercial – there’s definitely a website on our list that’s bound to have something relevant in store for you.

Have you visited any of the sites on our list and were you able to find the PSD design or elements that you were looking for? Would you like to suggest another PSD design and elements site to our readers? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments section below!

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