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Music has a considerable influence on us: it is able to inspire, boost, soothe in desperate times, encourage creativity, and much more. It plays a significant role in our life, and no one can argue with that. Some researches even show that with a suitable sound background you are likely to achieve the greater result rather than in dead silence.

So it is not surprising that this tremendous sphere is of special interest for designers and developers. Starting from incorporating accompanying tunes of various length and ending with unique projects that are remarkable tributes to this type of art, it has something for every taste.

Today we are going to consider websites that not just benefit from including rhythms and melodies that without doubt enrich user experience, reflect the spirit, and contribute to the mood, but original and inventive ideas that show various facets of this industry.

We have collected ten exceptional music-related projects that were created not only for music lovers but also for regular people who enjoy and highly appreciate it. Some of them are extravagant and pompous standalone Chrome experiments while others are just interesting playgrounds and modules that are parts of portals or regular informative sites.

Music-Related Projects

Beatbox Academy

The official website of the academy, whose mission is to assist young artists in their search for their style and voice and inventing brand-new sounds, speaks directly to the targeted audience. While it covers all the necessary information, it has managed to avoid being boring and tedious and remain engaging and exciting thanks to a small playground. It occupies the welcome section and lets you compose rhythms of various types using instruments displayed on the screen. Generate tune and share it with friends.

1-BeatboxAcademy 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

This one is for Euro 2016

Dedicated to the beloved football championship, Euro 2016, which took place this summer in France, this website is one of those that reflects the spirit and mood of this grandiose event with ease. It offers a brilliant user experience experiment. Everything begins with the homepage where you can find carefully arranged 24 emblems. All you need is to choose the logo of your football club and enjoy the music, diving into this incredible atmosphere. The portal will adapt a video of David Guetta that is an official anthem by changing colors and flags corresponding to your country thereby making it special for you.

2-ThisoneisforEuro 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

Sounds from Torture

The website aims to raise awareness about the fact that a million people around the World suffer from torture and abuse. The team believes that this ill-treatment produces a sound that is not heard but should be, so they have come up with this unique project. It invites the online audience to experience a virtual drum set that is made from various objects like metal pails that in Portugal are considered to be musical instruments yet quite often are used for torturing. You are welcome to explore the composition, listen to melodies, sign petitions for real cases and simply participate in this noble ideal.

3-SoundsfromTorture 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

MOD Synth

MOD Synth is an advanced Google Chrome experiment that is powered by the cutting-edge techniques. It allows you to build your modular synthesizer. What’s more, you can compose or emulate various synths: the interface is oversimplified and pretty handy – just drag and drop components placed on the screen to achieve the desired result. You can connect a MIDI enabled device, save or load patches, select among such components as a noise generator, filter, oscillator, pattern gate and others. The only disadvantage is that it does not work on tablets and cell phones.

4-MODSynth 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

Taste Rewind

Spotify stands behind the Taste Rewind, so expect something incredible. As the name implies, the project is inspired by the old-time days. It takes you from nowadays right through all the decades to the 60s, giving an opportunity to enjoy each era. Just provide the website with three favorite music artists; bearing in mind your taste, it will generate playlists adapted to each period.

5-TasteRewind 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

Inside Abbey Road

Created by Google Creative Lab, this exceptional and highly sophisticated project is a symbiosis of real videos, images and a ton of interactive features. It is a skillfully reproduced virtual excursion through one of the epic world class recording studios. The realization is brilliant and user experience is mind-blowing. You are welcome to discover rooms, read stories, and even play with innovative instruments.

6-InsideAbbeyRoad 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects


Much like the previous example, this one is also a child of Google Creative Lab. Although the project was created almost four years ago, it still looks innovative and contemporary. JAM invites you and three of your friends to play music using some leading technologies such as Web sockets and WebAudio and Google products. You can choose among almost twenty different instruments. Regardless of the location of your band members it will provide you with an outstanding live collaborative experience.

7-JAM 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects

Reshaping Excellence by Sennheiser

This is a mind-blowing WebGL experiment that has managed to draw the attention of a million people around the World. Although the culmination of the project was in September 2015, nevertheless it still looks splendid, pioneering and positively overwhelming. You are invited to get acquainted with the story or just explore the semi-realistic sophisticated surrounding.

8-ReshapingExcellence 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects


Dedicated to winter holidays and the season itself, this tiny but awesome WebGL experiment enables visitors to create unique digital snowflakes of various shapes by combining animations and sounds. They will reflect your personality and contribute to the celebratory mood. To begin generating snow crystals you need to start typing.

9-Flakes 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects


Audiograph is a pioneering creation of Matt DesLauriers that has already won several awards. It is a visual exploration realized on the basis of WebGL, WebAudio and Dolby Digital Plus. It was created in support of Pilotpriest’s 2016 album. The website greets the online audience with an enigmatic and lavish digital version of kaleidoscope that identifies the genre of music that is promoted here. As you may have guessed – it is Trans.

10-Audiograph 10 Exceptional Music-Related Projects


The majority of the projects are powered by modern technologies such as WebGL. Of course, they are far away from full browser compatibility, since as a rule they work only in Chrome, yet it does not diminish their brilliance and originality. They offer holistic user experience and reflect a passion for music and everything connected with it.

Which example do you find the most impressive? Do you know of any other music-related projects?

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